Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Thanksgivingmas? Go ahead, decorate!

I have not yet decorated for Christmas. But that is only because where I live, it was still 75* as of this past weekend and I just couldn't get into the spirit. Side note: I have had the best and longest summer ever! The summer in Philly was perfect and I moved just in time to enjoy 70s and 80s for two more months!

I digress. 

One of my BFFs sent me a text last week that said she was going out to buy a small tree and put it up. She has a 17-month-old. When she said "put up a tree," she literally meant it. Up on top of the counter, that is. 

A few others whom I follow on Instagram or Twitter have also decorated and I love seeing their photos. Of course, there are the naysayers who say it is too early.

But every. darn. year. don't we say how fast time goes and how fast the holiday season goes? So why the heck not, right? Go ahead, decorate! I won't judge. On this date last year, I had caved. We were living in Philly, it was cold. And I did it, my to my husband's dismay. 

Another topic that is working me the wrong way is the battle over the ability to shop on Thanksgiving. No, I don't think that we should. Give those people the day off. But what about those who DO have to work? News folks, paramedics, cops, firefighters, everyone in a tourist destination ... the reality is people have to work. This is the sixth Thanksgiving I've spent with my husband (and Christmas, too) and we've never had a Thanksgiving or Christmas day off together. This year will be the first for Christmas. Wait, that isn't true - we had Thanksgiving off together last year only because it fell on his normal day off.

So let's keep those who are protecting us, entertaining us or informing us in our minds too ... while we are or are not shopping.

I am not going to lie, once the temperature changed on Sunday I was ready to decorate. But since I am hosting Thanksgiving, I will spare my guests and stick to turkeys and pilgrims. This is my Thanksgiving set up from last year.

And this year ... (these are ceramics that my mom painted way back in the day when I was single-digits years old)

Since we don't have (m)any shelves or places to place much decor, I am not sure what Christmas will look like around here this year. I am in search of a lovely, pre-lit, fake 9-foot tree. Any ideas where to shop?

This is what it looked like in November of last year when I, yes, decorated before Thanksgiving. 

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