Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Time for No. 2?? Could it be?

When you're dating its "When are you getting married?" Once you get married, it is "When are you having kids?" The umbilical cord wasn't even clipped yet and I swear I heard, "When are you having number two?"

Spoiler alert: This has nothing to do with expanding our family just yet.

There is a saying about life happening while you are busy making other plans. A year ago, we were earlobe deep in planning a move to Philadelphia, PA. Something that was laid out as a goal, something that I supported my husband in as he accomplished it like a champ. While we were planning out all of the cities and sights we would visit, all of the museums we would peruse, all of short trips and visits to the beaches, God was making other plans for us.

That's right ... the Flos are making cross-country move No. 2. Once you get back on your chair or pick your jaw up from the floor, I will go on ....

Anyway, turns out that we were already where we were meant to be, but just didn't see it at the time. Yes, that means we are moving back to Las Vegas next month.

No, it isn't because of the record-breaking winter (though you don't have to twist any arms for me to not have to experience that again), it is because of opportunity. The opportunity for my husband to take a leadership role at the same place where he worked last year. If you've been following along for a while, you know that he is a meteorologist and he is going back to the news station he worked at while in Las Vegas. The opportunity to be closer to both sides of the family. How does that happen when my family is all east? Travel, the willingness to do it and flexibility with my job. :)

This decision did take quite some time of careful thought: we have a family now, is that where we want to raise our family? Bloom where you are planted I was told, so we will bloom. But my side of the family is all in PA, why would I leave them? Family and home are where the heart is. Truth be shared, I am really excited about the whole experience.  The husband and I will finally have weekends off together. In six-and-a-half years of being together, we have had maybe 15 or 20 weekends off together. My friends coming over to whine & wine, and bringing a little bit of what I love from the east back to the west.

Pennsylvania is where I grew up, but Vegas is now our home.

Phew! Am I glad that the secret is out now. It's been really rough for the last few weeks trying to keep this a secret while the details were solidified. I wanted to keep this short, but check back here often to follow along with our journey ... there are many more stories I have to share. I didn't blog much about our move to PA, but certainly hope to change that with this move. There are so many exciting things I want to share!

The lesson learned here: trust that at this moment you are where you need to be for the next moment.

Guess I can just reverse this picture, huh?