Thursday, May 22, 2014

Yea ... so ...

When I las left off, my daughter had just taken her first steps and was learning to drink from a sippy cup exclusively. She is now 19 months old, running and has a vocabulary of about 40 or more words. Time flies. Winter happened. The first storm proved to be beautiful and fun. But then the storms kept coming, week after week after week ... until we hit March 24. From Dec. 8 until March 24, we had snow every week and almost as many snow days for Harlow's school. In anticipation of each storm, I would buy a block of cheese and a box of wine. Yes, a box. I stored it in this neat little thing: 

A boxed wine dispenser. It was probably one of the best and worst things I could have had in my house. So winter started, Christmas came and New Years arrived right on time.

And then I decided for the New Year I was going to drop the baby weight, focus a bit more on my health (moving across the country and experiencing the worst winter in history can take a toll on one's health) and blog at least three times a week. Cough. Excuse me.

We had a few more snow storms. I stopped taking pictures after the third one. Well, I would take pics, send to my BFF and include the revolver emoji. We had a polar vortex where the highs temps would be in the single digits. I once went to the gym in the morning and it was 3 degrees. Our birthdays rolled around (the hubs and I are a day apart, plus some years). My parents kept H for the weekend.  We spent a night in the city and I spent the rest of the weekend in the city with my sister and one of her friends.

And then February ... I don't remember much about February. It snowed. I stayed home with Harlow on her snow days and the hubs went to work. I tried to dress Harlow like spring with the hope it would arrive sooner.

I did an AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge starting on Presidents' weekend. I made it seven days without wine, but got back on track. I was thrilled with my results. I became an avid gym goer (yea, even when it was 7 degrees and lower) and cleaned up my diet. I lost seven lbs and wanted to lose 20 overnight. More on the challenge later ... separate post.

And then we went to Las Vegas. I lived there for almost 11 years before moving back to PA. There is a reason wine is the first pic.

Harlow got to see her first boyfriend again. The last time she saw him, she was the age he is in the photo.

                                                     She had her first haircut with Andeen. 

We hired one of Harlow's old babysitters and went on a date. As we were sitting outside, we saw the sitter walking the property with Harlow and we got up, ducked and ran into the hotel creating quite the stir among those outside. Whoops. But if H saw us, it wouldn't have been good. 
This kid just cracks me up sometimes. 
And then we threw my mother-in-law an 80th birthday party. And this little one had fun. 

And then my mother-in-law came back to Philly from Vegas with us. We spent Easter in New Jersey with my family.

And the few lbs that I lost on the 24-Day Challenge were put back on by now. But I am currently doing another round and am having great results. More to come on that.

I spent the next two weekends in New Jersey visiting a long-time friend and we drank three bottles of wine and played dress up.
 Then, Harlow learned how to do fun things with her potty.

And that is where I've been. Springtime in the northeast makes the crazy, insane winter almost worth it. Almost, but not quite. It is absolutely beautiful in PA right now and I am soaking up every second before the hazy, hot and humid days of summer take over.

I will be blogging more often since it doesn't take much time and my memory needs it! Blogs are a great way to journal your life and something I've always enjoyed. So, welcome back if you are still here.

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