Sunday, May 25, 2014

Werk ... Mama.

I can't believe I didn't talk about this in my last post! Every so often when I catch up with friends, not just Vegas, but anywhere, they often ask if I am working yet or if I've gone back to work since moving. Spoiler alert: Yes, I did. It seems like such old news to me, I guess Facebook didn't do a good job of slamming news feeds with my updated information.

There was a part of me who wanted to stay home with Harlow. Sleep in, make dinner ... but I quickly realized that SAHMommyhood isn't relaxing mornings and bonbons. I spent almost three months at home with H once we moved to PA. It was wonderful. We moved here when she was 10 1/2 months old, so she was at a fun age. She was still napping twice a day, not yet walking and just a joy to be with. But at the same time, I tried to be all things to my family. It was never decided that I would stay home forever, it would be until I found a job worth taking. Staying home with Harlow, making dinner, doing all of the laundry, all of the dishes and looking for a job ... it was neither glorious or glamorous.

I felt like I had to do all of the things to contribute to our household. When I say my husband didn't empty the dishwasher or do a load of laundry, I mean it. But not because he refused, I just felt like I needed to do those things around the house if he was working. Pressure I put onto my own self.

It befuddled me how long it took to find work, but I know that it was all part of a divine plan. Not to get all godly on you, but the right job landed in my lap when the time was right. I had to find a daycare that was great, fit our budget and would be convenient for either of us to pick her up or drop her off. Not too easy to do when you don't even know where you are going to end up working.

Sparing the details, I did not enjoy daycare shopping. They are so different from Las Vegas. There are fewer working families here and I feel like most facilities are more at-home-parent friendly than working-parent friendly. The days don't run from 6:30 a.m. - 6 p.m. like I was used to. Never-the-less, we found a great school where Harlow enjoys spending her days and they feel like extended family for us.

Checking out her new classroom

She loved it right from the start

When she wouldn't sleep they would hold her and comfort her until she did

Clearly she feels comfortable there

It was only a matter of time before she showed the world who is boss

Anyway, I started a new job the week before Thanksgiving. I work for a software company, editing documents. I am doing something I love (editing) in a new field and learning something new every day. I work with really smart people, so every day gives me a new challenge. There is some flexibility where I can work out of my office (which is a 40-minute commute on a good day) or work from home, which I tend to do often since I can start my day by 7 a.m. and end at 5 p.m.

The flexibility worked out great when I spent how many snow days home with H??

So six months into my new job, I've got things down to a routine. I find time to workout most days (usually for short stints of time before I give up!) and am enjoying being out of the house with the flexibility to work at home here and there.

This mama works and so far, it is working out.

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