Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Scare-tastic Good Halloween

"Monsters, Inc." is probably my 2nd favorite movie, behind "Clue." That movie came out in what 1987 and I still get confused at the ending. Anyway, several months ago, after knowing I would be back on the East Coast for Halloween, my sister and I decided to dress up our kids as Mike, Sulley and Boo. I mean, Smushie barely needs a costume to look like her:

Of course, a few weeks before Halloween, my 4-year-old niece exercised her right to an opinion and decided she wanted to be a fairy. Luckily, my nephew is only 2, so he doesn't understand his right to an opinion and therefore, he was Sulley.
He wouldn't wear the adorable hat that was supposed to go with it, but I can't blame him. It was a balmy 60-ish degrees. Considering the last two years Halloween was snowed out, we were heavily overdressed. I was sweating under my Wonder Woman crown.
We ventured up to North Jersey to my sister's house. A nearby neighborhood shuts down a portion of a street and 98% of the houses participate. They go all out, even cooking up hot dogs and serving them. It was pretty cool to be a part of such a community-involved event. Back in Vegas, my community would give out candy, but nothing like this. We did get somewhat of a late start, heading out around 6, so by 7 p.m., the kids were pooped, but I wasn't satisfied with my loot just yet. Everyone gives out chocolate! I am not really a chocolate fan, unless it is a peanut butter cup. I was dying for a box of Nerds. So sad ...

More cute pics ...

Overall, we had a blast. It was Smushie's 2nd Halloween, her first being awake for it. She did great, the cousins did great ... eating all of their candy as they received it.

Speaking of eating candy, who remembers having to WAIT until you were DONE and then having your candy searched by your parents to check for needles and razor blades? That was torture! What happened since the 80s that no one seems to do that anymore? I remember a school assembly talking about the dangers of Halloween candy and not to eat anything unwrapped!

Anyway, it was a great holiday for the memory books and one spent with family, something I've waited a V-E-R-Y long time to do.
Hope you all enjoyed your trick or treating!

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