Sunday, October 20, 2013

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to Us

In the first hours of being a parent, it almost feels like you won't survive the upcoming weeks. In those first few weeks, it feels like you will never make it to a few months and then all of the sudden you put an infant to bed and wake up with a toddler. It almost seems impossible.

Not long into my journey of motherhood, I read the saying, "The days are long but the years are short." Now that our little one has turned one, that first year flew by. Sleepless nights and all.

We are blessed with what I will call a "good baby." She sleeps 10-13 hours, naps at least once a day for two to three hours and sometimes will take two naps if we are home, or a quick snooze in the car. There is hardly a food I put in front of her that she won't eat. She grew eight teeth with only the first one wreaking havoc on our daily lives. Matter of fact, her last two teeth were out pretty far before I even noticed them. Oops. She was a late crawler, (8.5 mos.) and, much to my delight, is not worried about walking just yet. She happily plays independently in her play area and bounces up and down to her musical toys.

She wakes up easily and with a smile and goes to bed with the same sweet demeanor. I am not sure what I did to have such an awesome kid.

On the eve of her 1st birthday, I spent a little extra time snuggling her, dousing her hair with tears of joy and slight sadness. It was hard to believe that the first year has come and gone and that one year prior, I didn't know her. I didn't even know if she was a he or a she. As I finished giving her her evening bottle and placed her in the crib, something special happened. Our little peanut is a squirmer, she has half squirmed out of my arms by the time I get her over the crib, yet alone even in the crib. As I place her on her back, she quickly rolls over, grabbing for her Wubby and getting into her own sleep position But on this night, She stayed on her back, locked eyes with me and gave me a look of approval, that yes, we did indeed do it. We all survived.

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