Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Day in the Life of a Flyin' Solo Parent

This week, the hubby is working his nonregularly scheduled shift. What that means for us is that he wakes up at 1:15 a.m., leaves for work at 2 a.m. and gets home at 1 p.m. It also means that I need to fly solo in the mornings and manage to get both myself and little Smushie out of the door on time. So how does my morning look? Well, we did ok for the first two days. I say ok because once I was halfway ready when she woke up and the other she was particularly quiet. Today, also being ok, left us with a new challenge: What happens when mommy tries to get out of the house early.

Here's how it all went down:

-Smushie gets up at 3:15, I put her paci back in and she sleeps until 4:30.
- I get up and feed her and put her down in the crib to play amongst herself for a while and start getting ready.
-Once she starts to fuss there I move her to her swing so the TV can babysit her while I get ready. 
-I showered at night, mind you. 
-I hear her little squeaky Sophie the Giraffe and run out there thinking she dropped it and Bruner is using it, she was holding it and it was making the noise. So cute. 
-She was hanging over the edge of the swing. I fixed her. Only after stopping to take a photo. 
-Then I move her again she is fussing, so then I put her downstairs in the swing and she falls asleep.
-All of this is not at all pertinent to the story.
-This is where the details start to come in.
-So it is about 6:50-ish and I am early, but I wanted to leave early and stop at Starbucks. 
-I put her two empty bottles into her bag, which is full of diapers because she is running out at daycare. 
Look at that hair
-I think about the three b00b milk bottles in the fridge. Heck, I even took time to organize some of the b00b milk in the freezer, now that I am dipping into my stash. And take a "selfie."
-Those were very pertinent to the story. 
-I carpool and today I was driving and dropping Smushie at daycare, so our meeting location is different. 
-I text my carpool mate and say I will drive and will meet her at 7:45 at 7-11.
-I take my purse and my lunch bag out to the car.
-I take Smushie out of the swing and get her loaded up in the car.
-I get in the car, drive away and call my mom.
-I go to Starbucks and spend about 8 min in the drive through.
-I waste $4.27 at Starbucks (I had a gift card!) and get an iced decaf latte.
-What I bought has no relevance to the story, but I am trying to reduce my caffeine dependency. 
-I drive up the street, get on the freeway and say, “Crap! I am going the wrong way, I wanted to take the surface streets.”
-In this, I discover it is probably faster/easier to go that way.
Again, unnecessary details.
-I am still on the phone chit-chatting away, hands free. HANDS. FREE.
-Again, more details that have nothing to do with the story.
-At 7:35, I pull into the parking lot and shout, “SHIT!”
(Does anyone want to guess why I shouted the expletive?)
-I forgot her bag with her diapers (remember she was almost out of them?) and her bottles at home.
-For a second I think about what I can do to avoid going home. She has formula at daycare, but it is Enfamil and yesterday she refused it in her bottle. She took it the day before, but she refused it for me once too.
-The hubs could run them to her at 1:30 when he gets home, which he probably went home on his break anyway but I didn't even think to ask.
-Anyway, I decide to GO HOME.
-My carpool is meeting me in 10 minutes and I am a good 25+ away.
-I tell her I need at least 20 min.
-FYI: it takes 35 min to go home, run in the house and come back.
-So I went home, came back, ran in, handed her over really quickly to her teacher who said, “Oh, we have formula and a bottle here.” 
-But she has one bottle, so they would have to wash it and I am sure I would get a note that says I need to bring more bottles. And since she needed diapers today, I was sure she’d be starving and naked all day. 
-Oh, and if I didn't get the b00b milk, it would have gone bad by early evening since it can only be out 24 hours. 
See ... this is why I enjoy coming to work. I can now forget about my morning. But I did have to get one of these and enjoy it.