Friday, February 22, 2013

On Motherhood, the Good Stuff

Yesterday I posted my honest account of motherhood. I have to be honest, there is no other way to be. And Frankly, no one talks about the crappy parts of being a parent. It's like it is taboo or something to ever ask yourself why you ventured down the path of parenthood or it is awful to post about how tired you are, how you were about to loses your mind because you couldn't calm your fussy baby.

Trust me, as a parent, there has been nothing worse than a crying baby that couldn't be calmed. When Smushie looks at me and cries that screaming cry, I want to stab myself in the eye so I can feel pain with her. I want to take away her pain and make her feel better, but we are parents. Not super heros.

So before I get to the good stuff, Smushie has been having a "week." It started last Saturday with some runny stools and redness 'round those lady parts. I started with the diaper cream and frequent changing. She had her 4-month checkup on Monday, so I figured we could get through the weekend. The good part about not being the first person to ever have a child is that you have plenty of resources to call. I asked my sister what to do about the diaper rash, she mentioned letting her area dry out as much as possible.

Wait, you want me to let a kid with diarrhea go diaper less?!? Are you for real? Yes, she was. So I laid down her jungle gym, an extra jungle gym mat, and towel, two or three changing pads and a diaper before letting her go commando. This ought to be interesting. I could hear the grunts and spritzes coming, but she was happy as a clam. And she pooped and peed all over her stuff, when she did, I just peeled away one layer and let her go for about two hours. Happy baby.

We did this off and on all weekend. And then we went to the doctor. He said that she can have diarrhea for up to two weeks, but if we were worried to bring her in to test the stool. No fever accompanied the poops, so I figured we were OK. Fast forward to today, day care just called and she is spitting up phlegm, still pooping her brains out so they suggested we take her to the doctor. Motherhood.

What's good about this? well, nothing ... when her area is irritated, she screams. As would I. I can scratch if I have an itch, I can wipe myself and deal with it if there is irritation, but poor Smushie can't. And it is heartbreaking. Again, I want to wipe my own a$$ with sandpaper just so I can show sympathy and feel her pain. But I won't because well, that is stupid. And painful.

Today we are heading back to the doctor to see if there is anything else they can do for our little Smushie. Keep your fingers crossed and send us good thoughts.

Onto the good, well let me show you ... there are more moments, but consider this a show and tell.
Silly hair and smiley mornings

Poking fun at her cry faces. 

Getting a big smile

Bath time and relaxing like Hef

A shopping buddy
Firsts ... like Valentine's Day

Forcing your wises on your kid. Please, just wear these!

Her first ever music class

Music class and cute outfits

Dinner dates who don't have manners. Harlow, get your foot off of the table

Nothing in particular
Smiles, pretty girls and dressing up
Gummy smiles
 A playmate
Wondering what they are thinking/doing and having embarrassing photos for the future
The two people you love the most loving each other

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