Saturday, January 5, 2013

Labor, Delivery and Recovery Gown Reviews

When packing my hospital bag, I packed FOUR gowns, I had a few options for labor, delivery and recovery.  There were a few reasons, namely I didn't like the idea of a previously worn gown. I didn't know if someone gave birth in it, someone had surgery in it or anything else in it. Plus, I wanted to feel a little bit cute. That is very hard when you are swollen, bloody and have your legs up in stirrups. But during recovery, it was nice to at least wear colors that were flattering.

This was the one, by Posh Pushers, I wore for delivery. I love these gals, too. They are moms themselves who created a product that is both cute and functional. Both of which are necessary during labor, as you pretty much have nothing else left other than to at least look cute. Their gowns had back snap closures and shoulder snaps for nursing ease and skin-to-skin immediately after birth. They thought of everything!

I also brought this gown along, the Birthing Gown. I didn't wear this one at all for two reasons: 1. It was too nice for me to "mess up" with birth fluids. 2. Afterward, I would have worn it, but it was too open in the back and didn't have snaps or a way to close/cover myself up. I do plan on finding someone to sew it up for me me tho and I plan on using this as an everyday pajama.

For my recovery and first day post-partum, I wore this gown from Dear Johnnies.  This gown had back Velcro closures and shoulder snaps for nursing and skin-to-skin. I coordinated it with some light blue fuzzy socks and my look was complete.

I brought, but didn't wear this sassy frock by Pretty Pushers. As I noted in my birth story, the back of this gown didn't work for accessibility for checks and for the epidural. Although it was open in the front, I appreciated the gowns that were open in the back--not that it needed to be, but when they would roll me over for changing the bed pads and roll me from side to side for getting the baby to move, the gown would have been more of hindrance than a help. However, if labor was progressing quikcly and you were going more au natural, this would be a great choice.

Note: I was given all of these gowns as samples to use and consider for inclusion in Las Vegas Woman magazine and my blog. However, all reviews and opinions are that of my own.

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