Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Weeks 34, 35 & 36

Wow ... I can't believe it has been almost another month since last posting. Time is whizzing by and stopping to pick up no passengers along the way! Whew ... Well, tomorrow I hit 37 weeks, aka "full term." At this point, there are a few things I am struggling with ... but let's recap the last few weeks.

Week 34:

Things were sloooowly starting to "feel better" in the nether regions. Weeks 30/31-33/34 left me with some strange and awful pains. It started with what felt like a muscle pain in my lower abdomen. The midwife said round ligament pain from stretching and supporting so much weight.  I believe her words were "supporting additional weight," but I changed them to "so much." Sitting and standing were fine, it was getting up out of a seated position and taking the first few steps that absolutely killed me in pain. They recommended a Tylenol and to tough it out ... not really much you can do.

At some point it moved from my lower abs into my crotch where it felt like bowling balls were being thrown at me! The pain was felt in my bones. My OB described it at the cartilage in my pubic bones starting to prepare and separate. This was so bad that I almost fell over in pain in the Old Navy dressing room. I could not even lift up my leg to try on clothes. The hubs had to help me get dressed, as I seriously could only lift my leg about 8 inches off of the ground. After Old Navy, I went home, plopped myself on the couch and applied an ice pack to my particulars. It didn't help. 

After a few more days/weeks, I slowly started to feel better and missed doing my morning yoga. I woke up, plopped on the DVD went from downward dog into a lunge and almost had to call in some troops to get me OUT of the lunge. I immediately aggravated whatever had started to go away. Was not pleasant. At all. 

Week 35:
I think that this was the week when the above yoga debacle happened. I had an appointment with my OB that morning and I see him on the odd weeks. I remember not even being able to walk into their office. Awful. But at least I looked cute:

At 35 weeks, the tummy was measuring about a week ahead, still. I figured that. It was also at this appointment when I noticed that I lost my ankles. Yes, I am now sporting cankles. Just before the doc walked in, I put my feet up on the table and shouted to the hubs, "I LOST MY ANKLES!!!" They were so swollen under the ankle bone, it didn't even look human. And this was at 10 a.m. Uh-oh. I shouted the same thing when the doc came in. 

Week 36:
Wow, I am looking puffy, but feeling much better actually. The pain is tolerable, the swelling is still crazy. I won't post any pics, I think it is gross when people show that stuff, especially around feet. My goodness, I hate feet.

Still have some back pain, which is the same pain I was having last year in my back. A little rest and heating pad are treating that just fine. Overall, I made it to 30/31 weeks without any pain or complaints. And even when I did have a complaint, it was mild. So .... I am grateful and blessed that my pregnancy has been what it has been. It could have been MUCH worse. 

So on the eve of 37 weeks, where are we? well, at 2:30 (which probably means 3:45), we have an ultrasound appointment to check size and possibly fetal lung maturity. As a mother-to-be, I am having a hard time with this piece. It basically goes like this:
-If Flobee still looks "big," they want to check lungs for maturity. If the lungs are mature, they want to induce.
-If the lungs aren't developed, they will wait another week. 


For a host of reasons ... I am a Type 1 diabetic, which comes with a long list of potential complications. Although, any pregnancy can be complicated if you don't take care of yourself. Aside from the swelling, my blood pressure is great (generally 108-114 over 70), my fluid levels are good to the point where they are commenting on the amount of fluid, but not in a bad way. "You drink lots of water, that's good" kind of way. 

At first I was NOT on board with this game plan, but then at the next appointment, I was feeling better about this game plan. Today, I am back with NOT being on board. 

Long story short ... it is another situation where I need to be my own advocate and not be lumped into a group of "typical diabetics," which can include gestational and Type 2 diabetics. Disclaimer: If Flobee or I are in ANY kind of distress or danger, I am ALL for whatever is best for the both of us. What I am struggling with is the possibility of an induction "just because" I am diabetic and that is what they "typically" do. I understand the risks: Placental deterioration, which can lead to still birth, Flobee running out of room, Flobee being huge ... but I also understand that birthing a baby before it is ready can be risky too. 

So ... a lot to mull over in the next 27 hours. As the "mommy," I feel like this is the biggest decision of Flobee's like that I may have to make and fight for or sit back and accept. No pressure or anything ...

Stay tuned for 37 week pics AND an update on what happens.

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  1. I think you look fantastic!! Hope you are at home and resting comfortable now!!