Friday, September 7, 2012

33 Weeks Bumpdate ... an Early Arrival?

Wednesday marked 33 weeks and two doctor appointments: One with the OB and one with the perinatal. Both were pretty decent appointments, I got all of my questions answered and here is the long and short of how it all went down:

-I am 33 weeks, yet my belly is measuring 34 weeks. However, that wasn't cause for a big concern. For the last 33 weeks, I have been growing proportionally. If I was all of the sudden measuring 20 or 40 weeks, then we have a problem.

-Flobee … well he/she on the other hand is on the big side. Baby is about 5 lbs., which is larger than “average” but not “abnormal.” Also, its head and belly are larger than “average.”
(But … it does have big, chubby cheeks and hair! Ahhh I can’t wait to see this kiddo.)

-At 37 weeks, which is four weeks from Wednesday, they are going to do another ultra sound. If they think that the kid is still big, they will do an amniocentesis to check the fetal lung maturity (FLM). IF everything is good, they are going to go ahead and induce within a few days. IF the kid is looking normal in size, we can hold off on the amnio and then do it at 38 weeks, which is Oct. 10 and most likely from there induce within a few days.

Soooooo … that means there is a good chance Flobee will be here between Oct 3-13 maybe?? I am not ready (mentally!) for this. Although, is anyone ever really ready? We still have quite a bit of work to do around the house, plus take some classes. So yes, time is really running short. Anyone want to come help? I mean hang out?

Why the measuring and possible induction? They basically said that allowing a diabetic to go much past 38 weeks and surely not past 39 weeks is like allowing a “normal” person to go to 42 weeks. After that, the risks for the baby get higher. So, yes, I can be healthy, Flobee can be developed and mature, but if it keeps cooking, we also run the risk of other things happening as it grows, like overdue moms do.

With all of this new information, have you played "Guess the Flobee" game yet? Enter your guess on gender, size and arrival date here:

I felt better after this appointment, like I had a better understanding of why they would do this early. My greatest hope is that Flobee decides to arrive on his or her own within that period of time. But not before 37 weeks! Mama surely ain't ready for that.

Now ... onto 33 week belly:

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