Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Worst Four Days of Being Pregnant ...

Do you know what the worst thing is that you can do to an eight-months pregnant woman? Freak her out at a doctors appointment by ordering urgent tests and make her pee into a jug for 24 hours when she lives in a two-story home and the pee needs to be kept in the fridge and the fridge is downstairs. 

When people ask me how I am feeling, "great" is still my go-to response, but with a few extra words like: hot, big, tired, out of breath. Around 27-28 weeks is when I started to "feel" pregnant. I say "feel" because I've written about how good I've been feeling this whole time. But as I grew, so did some of the common ailments. I've had upper back pain, between my shoulder blades, for at least a month now, too.

Around 27-28 weeks is also when I noticed my insulin resistance is kicking in. My post-meal blood sugar numbers have been much higher than I wanted and than I am accustomed to. All it takes to manage this is some number tweaking ... I say because, to me, diabetes is a game of guessing and a game of math. Figure out what the right carb-to-insulin ratio is. What becomes tricky about playing the numbers game is that you run the risk of over estimating and ending up with a low blood sugar, possibly requiring an ambulance and medical assistance. There is such a fine line when you are pregnant and diabetic ...

I had an appointment with my endocrinologist on Friday and told the hubs to stay home because every appointment up to this one was all good news, my numbers were great, my blood work reports came back fine and why should this be any different? Well ... what can go wrong does go wrong?

My appointment was with the nurse, but  I appreciate that because she (maybe it's a woman thing!) explained a LOT of things to me. For example, when I told her about the perinatologist wanting to check Flobee's lungs at 37 weeks and start an induction process, she helped me look at it from a more educated standpoint. When the endocrinologist came in and started shouting that I need to do a 24-hour kidney test and repeat blood work ASAP, she saw the tears  I was blinking away and gently explained everything to me after he left. 

So what happened? Well, levels that should be higher were low (calcium, sodium) and levels that should be lower are high (cholesterol, glucose) and then there were other things spewed out like albumin levels, cortisol and others. 

Oh and yes, this was the ONE time I don't bring the hubs with me and the doctor said no more to that. He needs to be with me at every appointment (although, hopefully there are minimal more to go!). And then the challenge over when to get me in for blood work came. I needed to do a 24-hour urine test and be at the lab at 7 a.m. for testing, with a needle in my arm no later than 7:30 a.m. If you've ever just shown up for blood work, you know that wait times can run an hour (or more!), you are fasting, you've collected all your pee into a jug for 24-hours and you are waiting in a lab for what feels like forever. 

Anyway, long story made a bit shorter, I am only smiling in this pic because I walked out of there with three pee jugs and a "hat" for the toilet. Yes, I pee into the "hat," pour it into the jugs and then keep the jugs in the fridge. Anyone want some OJ for breakfast? 

So my weekend was spent cleaning (severe nesting), organizing (crazy, pregnant lady organizing) and trying not to stress over the numbers, because that would make things worse for me, oh ... and ... peeing into my hat, dumping into my jug for 24 hours.

This is how a 24-hour urine collection begins:
 This is how a 24-hour urine collection ends leaves the house ... all nice and chilled:
 A view from the exam room:
Ten tubes of blood later ... yes, 10 ... fasting, pregnant, hungry .... 

The bandage:
 Not too bad for 10 tubes? My veins know when it is time to woman up and be strong!
Test results to come tomorrow morning. Keep your fingers crossed that everything is a-ok. If the numbers don't improve, I am not yet sure what that means for the last few weeks of pregnancy and our overall health. My goal is not end up induced early, so let's hope things have improved!

Let me end with this ... Overall, are things OK and going to be OK? Yes. I won't let them be any other way and I won't let one appointment get me off track for the next six to eight weeks. I am doing my best to keep my stress low and my sugars normal. So dear friends, if I bow out of things or hide for a while, it is for Flobee and not because I am a bad friend. 

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  1. I really wish I had read this yesterday BEFORE I asked you, "How are you and Flobee?!" If I had, I wouldn't have had to ask that question and make you go through it all over again.

    Regardless, you are doing amazingly well, and I would never consider you a bad friend.