Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Showering Flobee, Part 2

You can read part one of Flobee's shower here, where I talk mostly about the food, how amazing the shower was and how loved we are. Part two includes photos of the incredible gifts.

The "Wishes for Flobee" cards we made

But first ... a photo of me with my mom and sister. They both traveled from the East Coast (with a 3-year-old and 1-year-old in tow) to be here for the shower

Flobee's cousin, my niece and helper for the day

My friend Sam, she was the main organizer of this fantastic part, and my nephew
Me with Flobee's two grandmothers
I LOVE this book by inspirational, motivational author Wayne Dyer
Since we asked everyone to sign and bring a book, my niece was not to be left out. She wrote "I love you baby Flobee" and melted my heart
Grandma B, aka my mom, is truly amazing ... here is the blanket that she cross stitched for Flobee, I couldn't look at it without tearing up. My mom has been making these for every close friend and family member for YEARS ... I can't believe I actually got one. Mom also got us our nursery furniture, which had yet to be purchased at the time of the shower (future post to come!), and has been kind enough to mail us endless boxes and packages of hand-me-downs from my sister. I am not sure what we would be doing without her (and my dad!) help.
 And so the "Oh! The Places You'll Go" bonanza begins

Love the friends who keep parenthood real. This says "Parenting is full of challenges but eventually they move out."
Who doesn't love some fun wall art ... I can't decide if this is going in Flobee's room or mine! Maybe the loft for ya know ... kid-friendly decor throughout the house?
Gifts from Grandma F.
My little helper for the day 


The diaper brigade and the end result

All of the gifts currently sit organized in our guestroom as I await furniture arrival ... all of the clothes have been washed, the toys have been grouped ... all that is missing is a baby. Oh and furniture, and some birthing classes and a whole lot more.

Thank you again to everyone who was a part of my shower by helping out, attending, sending a gift, thinking of us, etc. It was truly an incredible day.

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