Monday, August 20, 2012

Showering Flobee, Part 1

The only word to truly describe my shower was "WOW!" I can't believe that so many people came out to shower us with love, to spend their time with us, to wish us well and of course shower this little one with gifts. A Toyota Highlander and a Toyota Camry FULL of gifts!

There were 70-ish people invited, so in a way I expected a big group, but nothing ever prepares you for when the doorbell keeps ringing and ringing! I was so blown away that the moment never really sank in "this is my baby shower!" I feel like I just at my bridal shower.

It was held earlier than most seem to hold showers and at the home of my dear friend Tammy's sister and her fiance. It was the perfect venue, such a gorgeous and spacious house. I am so grateful they allowed that many people to invade their space on a Sunday afternoon.

Why was it so darn early? Well, my sister is a teacher and every summer makes a visit to Vegas in July. It was really important for me to have Aunt S'ter (her nickname!) and my mom (and niece and nephew) at the shower, so why not hold it at 26 weeks before I am super huge and uncomfortable?

I am so grateful for the friends who helped put it together, the friends who offered their help in putting it together, the friends who offered to store some of the diapers I go, the friends who gave a few hours of their Sunday afternoon to me, those who couldn't be there and sent a gift, those who took the time to hand make something for us ... if I ever feel unloved, I need to refer back to this post and the shower photos. I am still in awe.

The theme was a "shower" theme, which was adorable and also that Flobee's daddy is a meteorologist, so it makes tons of sense:
Instead of games, we had a diaper raffle. If you brought a package of diapers, you were entered into a quick drawing to win a great prize from dear friend Patty who owns the legendary boutique Patty's Closet. (Plug for Patty: She is franchising, so there is a good chance a store may be located near you!)
When the day was over, I think that I had three or four garbage bags full of diapers, plus a bunch more packages. I won't need any for QUITE some time and I am elated about that. FYI: we asked for diapers in various sizes, so I didn't end up with 30 packages of one size. I have sizes up to three or four!

We also asked for books in lieu of cards ... and got a little bit of both! I think that it is so special to have a wide variety of books all with a note of love for Flobee. Crazy enough, I think that there were only two duplicates! Books ranged from Dr. Seuss (of course!) to a great book by Wayne Dyer to other childhood favorites.
Food ... holy cow! My sister made a delicious penne ala vodka, her famous sangria, and they picked up some sandwich trays and salads from a local "warehouse store." And now shower is complete without CAKE! If I could survive on cake alone, I would.

The cakes and cupcakes came from Retro Bakery and were a huge hit. Kari's flavors are delish and creative. One cake was chocolate with peanut butter butter cream and one was lemon cake with a lemon-raspberry filling. Yea, I indulged. A LOT.

Aren't these designs ADORABLE?!?! Flobee's room is the "Oh! The Places You'll Go" theme ... see it all comes together!

 Doin' what I do best: eat cake! Oh and that stain on my dress ... right there in the center ... happened almost as soon as I arrived!
Also, a HUGE thank you to my dear friend Rebecca for taking these photos. I brought my own camera ... didn't ask anyone to take pics. She is a professional photographer and offered when we were there. I am so grateful that she captured these incredible memories for me.

After stuffing our faces, saying a few words, giving away the Patty's Closet raffle prizes--which she donated two, so one went ot the diaper drawing and one went to the person with the birthday closest to the due date-- and a gift card to my friend Laura who was the first person to reply. Las Vegas Woman Magazine donated a Destination Spa Salon gift card for that one, we started onto the gifts ...

That is part 2 ... To be continued.

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