Friday, August 31, 2012

Furniture Finale: Crib, Dresser & Rocker

We ended up buying our crib set at Babies R Us, after looking online and at USA Baby. Nothing was floating my boat and staying within a reasonable about of money, although I don't know what that "reasonable amount" was.

BRU had a 20 percent off of one piece of furniture coupon, so that made up for the delivery pretty much. Flobee's room isn't huge, so we really only have room for a crib, small dresser and the chair. All three pieces we purchased in one productive day.

Let's start with the chair. I started to like the Best Chairs, Storytime series online. This is the ONE area numerous friends have told us to splurge on. It is also the one area numerous friends told us to NOT splurge on. Another post to come about taking advice with a grain of salt.

USA Baby carried this line, so I went one day with my mom and tested out some chairs. Going into it, I knew this:
-It had to be cute enough that I would put in my living room after.
-I did not want the wooden kind, although comfy, I had enough suggestions from mom friends on what to get and the wooden chairs were not on the Top 10 List.
-It needed to recline AND have an ottoman.
-The arm rests had to be high enough to comfortably support my arms while holding Flobee. 

I loved on comfy chair that can recline enough to practically be a bed. So much so that I couldn't get out of it. Please excuse photo quality ... my mom took this pic.

If I had to buy one on that day, this would have been the chair; however, I am kind enough to let the hubs have some sort of input ... even though I am the one with the boobs and carrying the baby.  He is helping to foot the bill, so I guess that counts, right?

When the hubs and I went together, I liked the Irvington model, it rocks and reclines .... sounds a bit like heaven to me! We had a bit of a discrepancy over fabric material, at first. But in the end, my first choice won out. I want this to be a piece of furniture I can sit and watch football in one day down the road.

This is NOT the Irvington model ... however, I was sitting in it to take this pic. We did get that ottoman though. But no pics of Irv. Maybe this weekend.
Here are the fabric swatches we debated between:

I preferred the top fabrics, the hubs preferred the bottom fabrics. The bottom fabrics were a velvety-suedy type ... all I could think of was "LINT!!!" Long story short, we went with this in the dark grey, I really wanted the white with grey for the ottoman to contrast, but alas it isn't made that way.

The good news is that the crib and dresser are in, assembled and ready for a post. The chair will be here in eight-12 weeks from the day we purchased it, so six-eight weeks? It will be a race of which arrives first: Flobee or the chair!

Coming up ... what Flobee's room looks like ....

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