Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Coming Up for Air, Part 2

There really is no part two ... as I "came up for air," I apparently went back down again. Here is the long and short of what you've missed:

-Up until about three weeks ago (the start of the third trimester), my pregnancy was pretty smooth. It was smooth not because I am lucky, but because I made it that way:
-I tried not to attend too many social events. Not because I didn't want to. I love(ed) being out and being social. However, with an extra 30+ lbs. and not really more than one "cute outfit," being out in public is less fun and more stressful right now. Does that mean I can't go over a friend's house in yoga pants and a T-shirt? Nope ... what I found with even trying to do that was:
-I am running out of weeks and free time before this baby comes.
-My husband has off Tuesday and Wednesday. I have off Saturday and Sunday. We just enjoyed our last day off together last weekend and spent it running around. I will post about that.

-My pregnancy has been easy because I am counting every carb, finger pricking and making sure that I do the best I possibly can for the health and growth of little Flobee and the health of myself during delivery. 

-My pregnancy has been difficult because it means there are a lot of things I can't do, like run myself ragged, into the ground and try to squeeze in too many events and happenings. It also means trying to get to bed at 9 to wake up at 5 to exercise (which really doesn't happen and that is a shame!).

So, today I am at 30 weeks pregnant and here are the updates:
Flobee looks like his or her dad (I think!)

Here is dad:

And Flobee:

We did not order or buy a 3D or 4D ultrasound. My doctor's office has the equipment to do this and they were kind enough to switch over and give us a glimpse. It looks to have daddy's nose (thankfully!) and some full lips! I normally hate the way these pics look, but I am sharing anyway.

And here is what I was looking like in weeks 27-29 ... my shower was on July 22, I was almost 27 weeks. A post on the shower is to come!

These pics were taken in week 29

And 30 week photos will come as soon as I get them from the camera.

So there are the visual updates ... the doctor updates to come, the shower updates to come and more!

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