Friday, August 31, 2012

Furniture Finale: Crib, Dresser & Rocker

We ended up buying our crib set at Babies R Us, after looking online and at USA Baby. Nothing was floating my boat and staying within a reasonable about of money, although I don't know what that "reasonable amount" was.

BRU had a 20 percent off of one piece of furniture coupon, so that made up for the delivery pretty much. Flobee's room isn't huge, so we really only have room for a crib, small dresser and the chair. All three pieces we purchased in one productive day.

Let's start with the chair. I started to like the Best Chairs, Storytime series online. This is the ONE area numerous friends have told us to splurge on. It is also the one area numerous friends told us to NOT splurge on. Another post to come about taking advice with a grain of salt.

USA Baby carried this line, so I went one day with my mom and tested out some chairs. Going into it, I knew this:
-It had to be cute enough that I would put in my living room after.
-I did not want the wooden kind, although comfy, I had enough suggestions from mom friends on what to get and the wooden chairs were not on the Top 10 List.
-It needed to recline AND have an ottoman.
-The arm rests had to be high enough to comfortably support my arms while holding Flobee. 

I loved on comfy chair that can recline enough to practically be a bed. So much so that I couldn't get out of it. Please excuse photo quality ... my mom took this pic.

If I had to buy one on that day, this would have been the chair; however, I am kind enough to let the hubs have some sort of input ... even though I am the one with the boobs and carrying the baby.  He is helping to foot the bill, so I guess that counts, right?

When the hubs and I went together, I liked the Irvington model, it rocks and reclines .... sounds a bit like heaven to me! We had a bit of a discrepancy over fabric material, at first. But in the end, my first choice won out. I want this to be a piece of furniture I can sit and watch football in one day down the road.

This is NOT the Irvington model ... however, I was sitting in it to take this pic. We did get that ottoman though. But no pics of Irv. Maybe this weekend.
Here are the fabric swatches we debated between:

I preferred the top fabrics, the hubs preferred the bottom fabrics. The bottom fabrics were a velvety-suedy type ... all I could think of was "LINT!!!" Long story short, we went with this in the dark grey, I really wanted the white with grey for the ottoman to contrast, but alas it isn't made that way.

The good news is that the crib and dresser are in, assembled and ready for a post. The chair will be here in eight-12 weeks from the day we purchased it, so six-eight weeks? It will be a race of which arrives first: Flobee or the chair!

Coming up ... what Flobee's room looks like ....

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Worst Four Days of Being Pregnant ...

Do you know what the worst thing is that you can do to an eight-months pregnant woman? Freak her out at a doctors appointment by ordering urgent tests and make her pee into a jug for 24 hours when she lives in a two-story home and the pee needs to be kept in the fridge and the fridge is downstairs. 

When people ask me how I am feeling, "great" is still my go-to response, but with a few extra words like: hot, big, tired, out of breath. Around 27-28 weeks is when I started to "feel" pregnant. I say "feel" because I've written about how good I've been feeling this whole time. But as I grew, so did some of the common ailments. I've had upper back pain, between my shoulder blades, for at least a month now, too.

Around 27-28 weeks is also when I noticed my insulin resistance is kicking in. My post-meal blood sugar numbers have been much higher than I wanted and than I am accustomed to. All it takes to manage this is some number tweaking ... I say because, to me, diabetes is a game of guessing and a game of math. Figure out what the right carb-to-insulin ratio is. What becomes tricky about playing the numbers game is that you run the risk of over estimating and ending up with a low blood sugar, possibly requiring an ambulance and medical assistance. There is such a fine line when you are pregnant and diabetic ...

I had an appointment with my endocrinologist on Friday and told the hubs to stay home because every appointment up to this one was all good news, my numbers were great, my blood work reports came back fine and why should this be any different? Well ... what can go wrong does go wrong?

My appointment was with the nurse, but  I appreciate that because she (maybe it's a woman thing!) explained a LOT of things to me. For example, when I told her about the perinatologist wanting to check Flobee's lungs at 37 weeks and start an induction process, she helped me look at it from a more educated standpoint. When the endocrinologist came in and started shouting that I need to do a 24-hour kidney test and repeat blood work ASAP, she saw the tears  I was blinking away and gently explained everything to me after he left. 

So what happened? Well, levels that should be higher were low (calcium, sodium) and levels that should be lower are high (cholesterol, glucose) and then there were other things spewed out like albumin levels, cortisol and others. 

Oh and yes, this was the ONE time I don't bring the hubs with me and the doctor said no more to that. He needs to be with me at every appointment (although, hopefully there are minimal more to go!). And then the challenge over when to get me in for blood work came. I needed to do a 24-hour urine test and be at the lab at 7 a.m. for testing, with a needle in my arm no later than 7:30 a.m. If you've ever just shown up for blood work, you know that wait times can run an hour (or more!), you are fasting, you've collected all your pee into a jug for 24-hours and you are waiting in a lab for what feels like forever. 

Anyway, long story made a bit shorter, I am only smiling in this pic because I walked out of there with three pee jugs and a "hat" for the toilet. Yes, I pee into the "hat," pour it into the jugs and then keep the jugs in the fridge. Anyone want some OJ for breakfast? 

So my weekend was spent cleaning (severe nesting), organizing (crazy, pregnant lady organizing) and trying not to stress over the numbers, because that would make things worse for me, oh ... and ... peeing into my hat, dumping into my jug for 24 hours.

This is how a 24-hour urine collection begins:
 This is how a 24-hour urine collection ends leaves the house ... all nice and chilled:
 A view from the exam room:
Ten tubes of blood later ... yes, 10 ... fasting, pregnant, hungry .... 

The bandage:
 Not too bad for 10 tubes? My veins know when it is time to woman up and be strong!
Test results to come tomorrow morning. Keep your fingers crossed that everything is a-ok. If the numbers don't improve, I am not yet sure what that means for the last few weeks of pregnancy and our overall health. My goal is not end up induced early, so let's hope things have improved!

Let me end with this ... Overall, are things OK and going to be OK? Yes. I won't let them be any other way and I won't let one appointment get me off track for the next six to eight weeks. I am doing my best to keep my stress low and my sugars normal. So dear friends, if I bow out of things or hide for a while, it is for Flobee and not because I am a bad friend. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Furniture Drama for This Mama

I've noted before in many posts that we are receiving a TON of hand-me-downs and I am VERY happy with that situation. It has saved us a great deal of money. Thank goodness for siblings with kids! My sister (mother of a boy & a girl) and my brother- & sister-in-law (they have one boy) have given us some incredible items including: a high chair, a floor swing, a table-top swing, a bedside co-sleeper, toys, car seat & bases, bumbo (Yes ... I know, recall alert. Got it!), floor gym/activity mat, boxes of gender-neutral clothes (my sister did not know what she was having for either child!), sheets, burp cloths, breast pump, nursing pads ... shall I stop there?

With no family within hundreds-thousands of miles, how is all of this getting to us? Well, my mom has been sending my sister's hand-me-down clothes to us in the USPS if-it-fits-it-ships boxes, we are up to three of those now. She sent the co-sleeper via USPS ... we are single-handedly keeping them in business ... and my dad is DRIVING from PA to Las Vegas in early November to bring out more stuff, and visit his grandkid of course.

How did the items from our in-laws get from Phoenix to Las Vegas? Well, we load up the back of a Toyota Highlander and drive. That's how, check this out:

Oh and then we pick up the dog from its weekend with friends and toss a dog in the back too!

That was a fun trip! But well worth it.

Ok, so furniture drama ... I know well enough that certain things should not be second hand when it comes to your child. But I also know that lots of moms buy brand-new furniture for their babies and the babies end up sleeping in mom's bed and end up outgrowing their crib and baby furniture. Enter a steal of a deal at that point. So off to the ever-perfect (I kid) list of Craig we go. On the site, we found a few things worth looking at and a few that were not.

My biggest problem with finding furniture is this, well make it two problems: It is difficult for the hubs and I to agree on something (for some reason our tastes are way off of each other on this!) and I just don't like much out there!

If I had it my way, I would get something like this. I love the Oeuf and Babyletto cribs.


What I didn't love were the prices. I did not want to spend a ton of money on a sassy crib for a few reasons:
-I won't use it that long. Even if it does convert, I won't use it that long. I don't want to be moving baby furniture when we eventually move on to a larger news market (another story for another time!).
-I want to give Flobee the option of choosing his or her own "big kid bed" down the road. 

Those are just two more reasons why I loved shopping for previously loved online. And we found one that I wasn't in love with online, but it looked fantastic in photos. The set included a crib that converts, the mattress, a changing table and a tall dresser. Without a tape measure, we had no clue if it would fit in the car or the room. My mom went with us to look at it and said that was a steal of a deal for what we were going to get and it was all in perfect condition. (Also came from a clean house, nice people, you knew it was well taken care of!)

We decided to get it, but didn't have the time to actually go get it until the following weekend. I convinced myself that I loved it and we stopped looking for other sets, which made me very happy. Long story short ... when we sent a message to confirm a meeting time, we didn't hear back from the owner, and my heart started to sink. This was that moment where I realized that I either did like the furniture or just that I may have to go shopping and we may have to spend more than what we anticipated or wanted to spend. Even though my mom was contributing, it was still not an expense I wanted. $700+ plus for a crib and $600 + for a dresser? Yikes.

Twenty-four hours goes by and we still hadn't heard anything. By this late in the day, we decided that if we didn't hear from them by a certain time, we would go back out and try to find a set that we loved. You just can't stop a pregnant woman's emotions sometimes. Back out in the 105-plus degree weather we went and found something we loved. By this point, I was kind of "over" the old set and thinking that we got screwed out of an online deal.

This is where the story kind of breaks my heart and still bothers me. We eventually did hear from the sellers. Apparently her phone had some problems, she had gotten a new one, never received our messages and was email-texting to see when we wanted to meet to buy the furniture. This was about 24 hours after trying to initially reach them. Long story short, we had already got this other set. Part of me felt "in the wrong" and part of me felt "in the right" with doing this. Part of me felt that there was a reason this happened and a reason why we went out and got a new set. And part of me is still feeling guilty.

The new furniture is in, but I am not too lazy to go and pick it up. Well that and it probably won't fit in our car, so we are now waiting for it to be delivered .... up in the next post: the furniture and the chair!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Showering Flobee, Part 2

You can read part one of Flobee's shower here, where I talk mostly about the food, how amazing the shower was and how loved we are. Part two includes photos of the incredible gifts.

The "Wishes for Flobee" cards we made

But first ... a photo of me with my mom and sister. They both traveled from the East Coast (with a 3-year-old and 1-year-old in tow) to be here for the shower

Flobee's cousin, my niece and helper for the day

My friend Sam, she was the main organizer of this fantastic part, and my nephew
Me with Flobee's two grandmothers
I LOVE this book by inspirational, motivational author Wayne Dyer
Since we asked everyone to sign and bring a book, my niece was not to be left out. She wrote "I love you baby Flobee" and melted my heart
Grandma B, aka my mom, is truly amazing ... here is the blanket that she cross stitched for Flobee, I couldn't look at it without tearing up. My mom has been making these for every close friend and family member for YEARS ... I can't believe I actually got one. Mom also got us our nursery furniture, which had yet to be purchased at the time of the shower (future post to come!), and has been kind enough to mail us endless boxes and packages of hand-me-downs from my sister. I am not sure what we would be doing without her (and my dad!) help.
 And so the "Oh! The Places You'll Go" bonanza begins

Love the friends who keep parenthood real. This says "Parenting is full of challenges but eventually they move out."
Who doesn't love some fun wall art ... I can't decide if this is going in Flobee's room or mine! Maybe the loft for ya know ... kid-friendly decor throughout the house?
Gifts from Grandma F.
My little helper for the day 


The diaper brigade and the end result

All of the gifts currently sit organized in our guestroom as I await furniture arrival ... all of the clothes have been washed, the toys have been grouped ... all that is missing is a baby. Oh and furniture, and some birthing classes and a whole lot more.

Thank you again to everyone who was a part of my shower by helping out, attending, sending a gift, thinking of us, etc. It was truly an incredible day.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Showering Flobee, Part 1

The only word to truly describe my shower was "WOW!" I can't believe that so many people came out to shower us with love, to spend their time with us, to wish us well and of course shower this little one with gifts. A Toyota Highlander and a Toyota Camry FULL of gifts!

There were 70-ish people invited, so in a way I expected a big group, but nothing ever prepares you for when the doorbell keeps ringing and ringing! I was so blown away that the moment never really sank in "this is my baby shower!" I feel like I just at my bridal shower.

It was held earlier than most seem to hold showers and at the home of my dear friend Tammy's sister and her fiance. It was the perfect venue, such a gorgeous and spacious house. I am so grateful they allowed that many people to invade their space on a Sunday afternoon.

Why was it so darn early? Well, my sister is a teacher and every summer makes a visit to Vegas in July. It was really important for me to have Aunt S'ter (her nickname!) and my mom (and niece and nephew) at the shower, so why not hold it at 26 weeks before I am super huge and uncomfortable?

I am so grateful for the friends who helped put it together, the friends who offered their help in putting it together, the friends who offered to store some of the diapers I go, the friends who gave a few hours of their Sunday afternoon to me, those who couldn't be there and sent a gift, those who took the time to hand make something for us ... if I ever feel unloved, I need to refer back to this post and the shower photos. I am still in awe.

The theme was a "shower" theme, which was adorable and also that Flobee's daddy is a meteorologist, so it makes tons of sense:
Instead of games, we had a diaper raffle. If you brought a package of diapers, you were entered into a quick drawing to win a great prize from dear friend Patty who owns the legendary boutique Patty's Closet. (Plug for Patty: She is franchising, so there is a good chance a store may be located near you!)
When the day was over, I think that I had three or four garbage bags full of diapers, plus a bunch more packages. I won't need any for QUITE some time and I am elated about that. FYI: we asked for diapers in various sizes, so I didn't end up with 30 packages of one size. I have sizes up to three or four!

We also asked for books in lieu of cards ... and got a little bit of both! I think that it is so special to have a wide variety of books all with a note of love for Flobee. Crazy enough, I think that there were only two duplicates! Books ranged from Dr. Seuss (of course!) to a great book by Wayne Dyer to other childhood favorites.
Food ... holy cow! My sister made a delicious penne ala vodka, her famous sangria, and they picked up some sandwich trays and salads from a local "warehouse store." And now shower is complete without CAKE! If I could survive on cake alone, I would.

The cakes and cupcakes came from Retro Bakery and were a huge hit. Kari's flavors are delish and creative. One cake was chocolate with peanut butter butter cream and one was lemon cake with a lemon-raspberry filling. Yea, I indulged. A LOT.

Aren't these designs ADORABLE?!?! Flobee's room is the "Oh! The Places You'll Go" theme ... see it all comes together!

 Doin' what I do best: eat cake! Oh and that stain on my dress ... right there in the center ... happened almost as soon as I arrived!
Also, a HUGE thank you to my dear friend Rebecca for taking these photos. I brought my own camera ... didn't ask anyone to take pics. She is a professional photographer and offered when we were there. I am so grateful that she captured these incredible memories for me.

After stuffing our faces, saying a few words, giving away the Patty's Closet raffle prizes--which she donated two, so one went ot the diaper drawing and one went to the person with the birthday closest to the due date-- and a gift card to my friend Laura who was the first person to reply. Las Vegas Woman Magazine donated a Destination Spa Salon gift card for that one, we started onto the gifts ...

That is part 2 ... To be continued.