Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Workin' It Out ...

As in exercise, readers ... exercise. It's no secret that weight gain during pregnancy has been a struggle for me. A fellow pregnant friend recommended water aerobics, it is working just lovely for her and she managed to not gain a pound in her 7th month. I will try it ... not that I am trying to AVOID weight gain, I am trying to s-l-o-w it down.

I never pictured myself doing water aerobics. It has always been a vision of older ladies in a pool splashing to the oldies. Well, let me tell you ... water workouts are NO JOKE! It wasn't hard, but I certainly didn't feel like I did nothing either. 

Who knew there was an aquatic center about 4 miles from my house? I certainly didn't. And there is a YMCA just a few miles away, too. With the aquatic center, they only have openings on Monday evenings until July. My goal is to take Monday and Thursday evening classes. Well, they are closed for Fourth of July, which includes the fifth of July, so I can't go twice a week until July 12. Oy!

A topic for another post involves blood sugar and pool workouts ... something I totally forgot to consider yesterday when starting my workout with a blood sugar of 109 and ending with sweats and shaking in the pool. Yes, not good, mama-to-be.

In the mornings, I've been doing a few workout DVDs or taking the dog for a walk.
Walking Bruner at Lone Mountain ... 2010 (clearly not recent!)

However ... the morning temps are now in the 80s and 90s out here in Vegas. If I am not out the door by 5:30 a.m., the dog doesn't get walked. Weekends are getting rough for that.

Pregnancy DVDs ... they work, I will give them that credit. However, there are probably better options out there and I am still on the lookout for another DVD (yes, even with four months to go!)

First up, Tracey Mallet. Her DVDs are my favorite of the two brands I have because it is more of a workout, I can actually break a sweat using these. And she doesn't get creepy, more on that later in my next review. I have not yet played the 3-in-1 system, but that is on tap for this week. Her workouts include two other pregnant women who are in different areas of the trimester (each section is broken down by trimester) and you can follow a modified version, if you need.

She combines compound movements (squats with bicep curls, etc.) and cardio, which keeps your heart rate up and the workout less boring.
Lindsay Brin is the creator of the other workout DVDs that I have. Like Tracey, her DVDs are broken down by trimester and include a weight & cardio section, along with a 20 minute yoga section, which I love. I have only done yoga twice in my life and I enjoy her portion of that. She also taught me how to "get the sway" out of my back ... with a simple "ha ha ha" that I used frequently throughout the day for posture.

What I don't like about her DVDs- and here is where the creepy part comes in- she makes too much eye contact with the camera. If it is panning out, there is one section where she doesn't break her glance and is following the camera out of the corner of her eye as it pans to another shot. Creepy. Not sure if it my hormones, but it bothers me enough that I sometimes dread the parts where I know this happens.

Lindsay has three pregnancy DVDs that are divided into first, second and third trimester. By the time I ordered them, I was into my second trimester and have not viewed the first trimester DVD.
Website screen shot

Overall, I am satisfied with my purchases ... both gals have great and informative websites that I really ought to have looked at before composing this post.

I am in search of a yoga DVD and would love suggestions???

Hopefully between four DVDs, a potential yoga DVD and water aerobics, staying (or getting into a) shape shouldn't be too hard, right?

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