Thursday, June 7, 2012

Woh-woh halfway there ... woh-woh ... 20-week Bumpdate

This statement is not being written to brag about anything, but if it weren’t for gaining weight, I would hardly know I was pregnant. Yesterday I hit the 20-week mark and realized that I am, more than likely, less than halfway there. I say less than because 1. Early first children run in my family and 2. Diabetics don’t always go to 40 or more weeks. So yea, I am pretty much more than halfway through with the worst ahead of me? I say that because nothing is wrong: everything looks great and feels fine.

Well I am not sure if this is “looking great,” but here are some 20-week bumpdate pics. Yes, I said bumpdate. 

That is an insulin pump on my back, not a growth

I can still be cute and sassy, right?

So far:
-We haven’t registered or shopped for anything and I am ok with that. Thankfully, we are late to the child-bearing party and will get a good amount of hand-me-downs. I am happy about that. Less to register for … can you register for a college savings plan?

-Bought me a new(er) car and it is my first car payment ever! Don’t hate me. I’ve always been lucky to get the hand-me-downs (notice a theme here??) and I’ve been OK with that. My last car was bought in cash as the car before that was stolen. It lasted me over six years and hardly needed much work. Although it wouldn’t start up right on the first try, it fulfilled its purpose. But now I am happy in my safe and kid-friendly car. I think that this will last until Flobee turns 16 and can drive it. So yea, we bought the kid a car.

-Haven’t felt any kicks yet. A bit of the quickening here and there … but I have never been so eager for my kid to punch me.

-Currently, I am back to eating chicken although I want to bathe in carbs, I want to eat them all of the time. I need to get a grip on carb loading, but for now I am enjoying it.

A lot of people ask how I manage being diabetic and pregnant. Well, it isn’t easy, but it isn’t hard either. It is just a part of life; a card I was dealt. If I wanted to have a baby, I would still be diabetic, so we took the steps necessary to ensure I was healthy before we conceived and well …. I will save the rest for another post.

Until then …

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  1. I love this... Flobee is going to love it to when he/she comes along.