Tuesday, June 19, 2012

While the Hubs is Away ...

Seattle, August 2010
The wife shall have a pregnancy hormone-induced, overwhelmed freakout on Sunday night. My husband was out of town last week on a trip that I was supposed to go on, but cancelled at the somewhat last minute. We booked the trip in early April, before I started a new job and before anyone really knew I was pregnant. How bad can Seattle in June be while I am five-and-a-half months pregnant?

Hubs and I in Seattle, August 2010

After starting the new job, I decided that telling them I am pregnant and need three days off was a bit much, so I opted to stay home and let the hubs have one last hurrah before Flobee arrived.

At first, I was looking forward to it ... Friday night, all to myself. I can watch silly, trashy TV and not feel guilty about it. But then I started to book too many things over the weekend: a last-minute pedicure, I had a family graduation party to go to, colored my hair, booked a Sunday lunch with a friend who didn't even realize I was pregnant (I may not always be a good friend!), and then my usual weekend routine needed to fit in: erratic nesting, the need for a nap, cleaning the house, grocery shopping, cooking for the week, packing lunch for the first few days of the week, erratic nesting, napping ...

Sunday it hit me: I HAVE 18 WEEKS LEFT UNTIL FLOBEE COMES, AT THE LATEST. That is 18 weekends, or 36 DAYS without work. Ummm ... yeah ... so I started to freak out, a lot.

My weekend of bachelorettehood really turned into a weekend of single-momhood. I had to do all of my weekend duties, plus what the hubs normally does. Feed the cat & dog, take out the trash, etc. ... no more than any other normal human being, but for some reason this weekend it hit me hard that I was all consumed in never-ending housework that I know will only become worse when Flobee arrives.

So I started to work out little deals in my head with the hubs. He doesn't know this yet, but I am going to petition for our cleaning person to come more often, which means less for us to do in between visits. I see that as a win-win for us both. 

Talk of my baby shower is well underway. It will be held earlier than most traditional showers to accommodate my sister's travel schedule. She is going to be able to make it, along with my mom, so we are having it next month. Which means I need to GET ON IT! I need to get registered and figure out things like strollers, cribs, onesies, drying racks and a whole slew of other things I know nothing about. Parenting crash course, here it comes.

Wish me luck and sanity. Feel free to leave me suggestions too ... always welcome!

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