Friday, June 1, 2012

19 weeks and counting

This week marks 19 weeks of incubating a human. Due to my lack of photos for the first 19 weeks, the hubs and I threw a few together one morning before work. I didn't even have my lipstick on.

I noticed the pants in the photos were becoming a bit more snug under the belly, which is clearly growing. It still looks a bit like I ate too much rather than a bump, in my opinion.

Since we aren't finding out what we are having, we are curious to hear your thoughts. No crazy cravings. Check out the common folklore and wives' tales and let us know. Here are some hints: I love eating fruit, sweets & Mexican food and I've had lots of headaches. The heartbeat has always been above 140 beats per minute, I have had no morning sickness, acne, no oiliness and my skin is just as clear as it always was.

Here I am at 19 weeks. 

1 comment:

  1. Congrats on making the chose of not finding out the sex of your baby it's the best surprise you can give yourself and your hubby.
    I think you are having a boy i'm just going based on the cravings i had with my son; seem to be very similar to yours and i didn't find out what i was having when i was pregnant with him and neither with my other 2(girls).

    Val G.
    (addy's sister)