Tuesday, June 19, 2012

While the Hubs is Away ...

Seattle, August 2010
The wife shall have a pregnancy hormone-induced, overwhelmed freakout on Sunday night. My husband was out of town last week on a trip that I was supposed to go on, but cancelled at the somewhat last minute. We booked the trip in early April, before I started a new job and before anyone really knew I was pregnant. How bad can Seattle in June be while I am five-and-a-half months pregnant?

Hubs and I in Seattle, August 2010

After starting the new job, I decided that telling them I am pregnant and need three days off was a bit much, so I opted to stay home and let the hubs have one last hurrah before Flobee arrived.

At first, I was looking forward to it ... Friday night, all to myself. I can watch silly, trashy TV and not feel guilty about it. But then I started to book too many things over the weekend: a last-minute pedicure, I had a family graduation party to go to, colored my hair, booked a Sunday lunch with a friend who didn't even realize I was pregnant (I may not always be a good friend!), and then my usual weekend routine needed to fit in: erratic nesting, the need for a nap, cleaning the house, grocery shopping, cooking for the week, packing lunch for the first few days of the week, erratic nesting, napping ...

Sunday it hit me: I HAVE 18 WEEKS LEFT UNTIL FLOBEE COMES, AT THE LATEST. That is 18 weekends, or 36 DAYS without work. Ummm ... yeah ... so I started to freak out, a lot.

My weekend of bachelorettehood really turned into a weekend of single-momhood. I had to do all of my weekend duties, plus what the hubs normally does. Feed the cat & dog, take out the trash, etc. ... no more than any other normal human being, but for some reason this weekend it hit me hard that I was all consumed in never-ending housework that I know will only become worse when Flobee arrives.

So I started to work out little deals in my head with the hubs. He doesn't know this yet, but I am going to petition for our cleaning person to come more often, which means less for us to do in between visits. I see that as a win-win for us both. 

Talk of my baby shower is well underway. It will be held earlier than most traditional showers to accommodate my sister's travel schedule. She is going to be able to make it, along with my mom, so we are having it next month. Which means I need to GET ON IT! I need to get registered and figure out things like strollers, cribs, onesies, drying racks and a whole slew of other things I know nothing about. Parenting crash course, here it comes.

Wish me luck and sanity. Feel free to leave me suggestions too ... always welcome!

Workin' It Out ...

As in exercise, readers ... exercise. It's no secret that weight gain during pregnancy has been a struggle for me. A fellow pregnant friend recommended water aerobics, it is working just lovely for her and she managed to not gain a pound in her 7th month. I will try it ... not that I am trying to AVOID weight gain, I am trying to s-l-o-w it down.

I never pictured myself doing water aerobics. It has always been a vision of older ladies in a pool splashing to the oldies. Well, let me tell you ... water workouts are NO JOKE! It wasn't hard, but I certainly didn't feel like I did nothing either. 

Who knew there was an aquatic center about 4 miles from my house? I certainly didn't. And there is a YMCA just a few miles away, too. With the aquatic center, they only have openings on Monday evenings until July. My goal is to take Monday and Thursday evening classes. Well, they are closed for Fourth of July, which includes the fifth of July, so I can't go twice a week until July 12. Oy!

A topic for another post involves blood sugar and pool workouts ... something I totally forgot to consider yesterday when starting my workout with a blood sugar of 109 and ending with sweats and shaking in the pool. Yes, not good, mama-to-be.

In the mornings, I've been doing a few workout DVDs or taking the dog for a walk.
Walking Bruner at Lone Mountain ... 2010 (clearly not recent!)

However ... the morning temps are now in the 80s and 90s out here in Vegas. If I am not out the door by 5:30 a.m., the dog doesn't get walked. Weekends are getting rough for that.

Pregnancy DVDs ... they work, I will give them that credit. However, there are probably better options out there and I am still on the lookout for another DVD (yes, even with four months to go!)

First up, Tracey Mallet. Her DVDs are my favorite of the two brands I have because it is more of a workout, I can actually break a sweat using these. And she doesn't get creepy, more on that later in my next review. I have not yet played the 3-in-1 system, but that is on tap for this week. Her workouts include two other pregnant women who are in different areas of the trimester (each section is broken down by trimester) and you can follow a modified version, if you need.

She combines compound movements (squats with bicep curls, etc.) and cardio, which keeps your heart rate up and the workout less boring.
Lindsay Brin is the creator of the other workout DVDs that I have. Like Tracey, her DVDs are broken down by trimester and include a weight & cardio section, along with a 20 minute yoga section, which I love. I have only done yoga twice in my life and I enjoy her portion of that. She also taught me how to "get the sway" out of my back ... with a simple "ha ha ha" that I used frequently throughout the day for posture.

What I don't like about her DVDs- and here is where the creepy part comes in- she makes too much eye contact with the camera. If it is panning out, there is one section where she doesn't break her glance and is following the camera out of the corner of her eye as it pans to another shot. Creepy. Not sure if it my hormones, but it bothers me enough that I sometimes dread the parts where I know this happens.

Lindsay has three pregnancy DVDs that are divided into first, second and third trimester. By the time I ordered them, I was into my second trimester and have not viewed the first trimester DVD.
Website screen shot

Overall, I am satisfied with my purchases ... both gals have great and informative websites that I really ought to have looked at before composing this post.

I am in search of a yoga DVD and would love suggestions???

Hopefully between four DVDs, a potential yoga DVD and water aerobics, staying (or getting into a) shape shouldn't be too hard, right?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

21 week bumpdate

A day late, but close enough ... yesterday we hit the 21-week mark and I am still feeling great! Actually, starting to have slight freakouts ... then I shift my thoughts and all is well again. Why freak out about childcare or a registry when you can shift your thoughts to happy things like cupcakes and cake? Yes, my way of not freaking out is denial.

At Tuesday's 21 weeks, 6 days appointment, we learned that Flobee is weighing in at 13 ounces (which is a normal weight!) and its little heart is the size of a quarter. Aweee ...

Now I am starting to explore a baby registry. A shower is in the workds and I am completely overwhelmed by options. So far, I've saved cute things like Steelers onesies and Dr. Suess decor bedding and decor. I guess both are a necessity: clothing and shelter ... so there, I feel better.

But how cute is this stuff? Just because the bedding is mostly blue does not mean we know something you don't. I thought it was gender neutral until I saw they also sell it in pink. Oh, and ... it is labeled the "boy" version. The room the baby is going in is mostly blue too, I will get to that room in another post.

By the way, I totally registered for all three of those items and more!

I've compiled my list of hand-me-downs from the siblings and we are pretty stocked on some major items. One thing we are getting in a Peg Perego 30/30 infant seat. It was only used for six months, it is two years old, is coming from my brother-in-law & sister-in-law and has never been in an accident, so I am comfortable with this hand-me-down. However ... my question is ... which stroller should we get to go with it. I don't think that I need an entire "travel" system, right? If we have the seat? See, this is where I freak out and shift my thoughts to things like red velvet cake.

Also, what bottles do I need? Nipple flow? Really?!?! To pacify or not to pacify? I have actually stopped reading the pregnancy books (I feel like I know what not to eat and how not to exercise by now ...) and have moved on to other researchy things like strollers and cribs. Oh ... another question: Cribs: to convert(ible) or not? The hubs and I don't know that a move is imminent in the future: not in the immediate future, but maybe next year, the year after ... the year after that. Do I want to lug around this piece of furniture? I also kind of want the kid to have the opportunity to pick out its own bedroom furniture.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg of decisions that need to be made in the next ... gulp ... FEW WEEKS!

So anyone who can help with input on:
Travel systems
Overall registry needs

Please DO! I greatly appreciate it.

In the meantime ... here are some current photos:

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

20 weeks and 6 days ...

Today actually marks 21 weeks of incubation. Although, my husband likes to count based on the time frame of when we conceived. Please give me the extra few weeks and days ... please?

We had our anatomy scan and a visit by the pediatric cardiologist (PC). Having a PC review an ultrasound of a diabetic is a necessity (or so says the doctor's office), as  babies of diabetics have higher risks of heart problems. Since we have no clue what we are looking at on the ultrasound screen, it is a bit nerve wracking until you finally hear something out of their mouths. "Perfetta" was what we heard. Long story short, everything looked really good. What a relief. This is when I started to tear up.

Being pregnant is hard. Being diabetic is hard. Combine them both and not gonna lie, the s^*t is H-A-R-D some days. I describe it as "it's not hard, but it's not easy." I know that there are people who go through much worse in their daily lives and in their pregnancies. But for me, this isn't easy and it's also not hard.

Knowing that Flobee has a healthy and strong heart was the first realization of how my efforts are paying off to having a healthy baby. It has cost us thousands already in medical bills just for me, I don't want to run up more bills because I purposely didn't take care of myself. It was the realization that every minute of every day is focused on number (which I normally hate). When you pick up a piece of anything to eat, a nondiabetic person can just plop a snack bar, a bag of almonds, a piece of fruit or an extra spoonful of something into their mouth. For me, before anything goes into my mouth, here is what goes through my head:  What is my fasting number? Can I eat now or do I have to wait until that fasting number is at least below 110, preferable in the 90s? Did I take my insulin at least 15 minutes prior to eating? Am I too low and in need of eating something NOW? What do I have with me? Crap, all of those protein bars won't cut it, I need something more. Did I calculate correctly? I know these certain breakfast sandwiches cause a huge spike in my sugar, so do I take more insulin with it or take it earlier? Will one or the other cause a low crash?

Once all of those questions are answered, I can eat. But it doesn't stop there. I look at my continuous glucose monitor (CGM) nonstop to see if I guessed correctly, if what I ate is affecting my sugar and causing a spike, or if it is just right.

There may never be a day where I can just shove a snack bar into my mouth without having to spend five minutes prepping, but yesterday's appointment made it all worth it.

The hours I spend weighing food, reading food labels, packing my lunch, cooking dinner and freezer meals for the week ... all of those efforts are paying off in my pregnancy.

Our perinatal specialist called me an "ideal patient." My a1C hasn't been above 6.5 in four years, I check my sugars about 50 times a week ... I count how long a vial of 50 test strips lasts, which is generally a week. I have countless sleepless nights because my CGM beeps to alert me that I am low, or it thinks that it is low and in reality I am not.

While most nondiabetics count their pregnancy in days and weeks, mine is counted in carbs, units and milligrams.

I haven't touched too much on diabetes and pregnancy in this blog ... as I said, it isn't hard (I lie. Yes, it is) but it isn't easy. I just want others to be grateful for not having to go through this. I am grateful that I am not on bed rest at 20 weeks like my midwife was. I am grateful that I can actually become pregnant. I am grateful that I can actually carry my own child. I will gladly take a faulty pancreas over other faulty body parts.

I will gladly keep poking myself, having sleepless nights and taking 30 minutes to prep to eat as long as it means little Flobee is growing like a normal baby. And so far, (s)he is.

Now, if you will excuse me, Dexcom is beeping at me. I need to eat.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Woh-woh halfway there ... woh-woh ... 20-week Bumpdate

This statement is not being written to brag about anything, but if it weren’t for gaining weight, I would hardly know I was pregnant. Yesterday I hit the 20-week mark and realized that I am, more than likely, less than halfway there. I say less than because 1. Early first children run in my family and 2. Diabetics don’t always go to 40 or more weeks. So yea, I am pretty much more than halfway through with the worst ahead of me? I say that because nothing is wrong: everything looks great and feels fine.

Well I am not sure if this is “looking great,” but here are some 20-week bumpdate pics. Yes, I said bumpdate. 

That is an insulin pump on my back, not a growth

I can still be cute and sassy, right?

So far:
-We haven’t registered or shopped for anything and I am ok with that. Thankfully, we are late to the child-bearing party and will get a good amount of hand-me-downs. I am happy about that. Less to register for … can you register for a college savings plan?

-Bought me a new(er) car and it is my first car payment ever! Don’t hate me. I’ve always been lucky to get the hand-me-downs (notice a theme here??) and I’ve been OK with that. My last car was bought in cash as the car before that was stolen. It lasted me over six years and hardly needed much work. Although it wouldn’t start up right on the first try, it fulfilled its purpose. But now I am happy in my safe and kid-friendly car. I think that this will last until Flobee turns 16 and can drive it. So yea, we bought the kid a car.

-Haven’t felt any kicks yet. A bit of the quickening here and there … but I have never been so eager for my kid to punch me.

-Currently, I am back to eating chicken although I want to bathe in carbs, I want to eat them all of the time. I need to get a grip on carb loading, but for now I am enjoying it.

A lot of people ask how I manage being diabetic and pregnant. Well, it isn’t easy, but it isn’t hard either. It is just a part of life; a card I was dealt. If I wanted to have a baby, I would still be diabetic, so we took the steps necessary to ensure I was healthy before we conceived and well …. I will save the rest for another post.

Until then …

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dear Flobee, February 23, 2012

February 23, 2012

In less than 48 hours, your grandma B. will know you exist. Your dad and I decided to tell her … wait, let me rewind. Your grandma is in Vegas visiting us for over two weeks. I could not be more excited. Frankly, right now it is killing me to be around her and her not know. But like your mother, your grandma is super sleuth and she is probably already on to me, I hope I get to her before she figures it out. Tomorrow we have plans … dinner with my group of girls and then Chippendale’s. Don’t you worry about what a Chippendale is … watch your cartoons.{side note: this pregnant lady was way to tired to take Grandma to Chippendales this visit. I didn't know incubating a human was that exhausting, yet.}

I want to share this experience with your grandma because she has been through it twice before. I’d hate for her to leave next month only to find out we knew about you all along.

How am I feeling? My boobs still hurt; I actually think they are growing. When I eat, the bloat doesn’t go away; so today I had to sit for eight hours in work pants that didn’t expand with my bloated and gassy gut.

Our first doctor appointments are on the 6th and 7th of March. Ironically, I already had an endocrinologist appointment already made. I can’t wait to tell Dr. B and see what he has to say. I know that being a pregnant diabetic is going to be a challenge, but I am up for it. Sadly, I don’t have much of an appetite, but I am also not sick. Another reason I want to tell your grandma, to see if feeling fine during pregnancy runs in the family.{side note: yes, apparently it does. Phew. Easy labor and delivery also run in the family.}

We call you the poppy seed because that is about the size of what you are right now. Soon to turn into a sesame seed and then a blueberry. I don’t like the fruit comparisons because you aren’t round, but whatever. Once your ears develop, I am going to read you things like "The Four Agreements," "Oh The Places You Will Go" and more motivational books. If I have it my way, you are going to be one heckuva person. But it isn’t up to me … all we can do is give you the proper tools to make the right decisions in life and hope that you always do your best.

I don’t feel any different though. Once in a while I feel some stretching or cramping in my uterus area. Yea, I know … TMI.

Til the next time, kid … you are loved. You are being born into a great family. You already have three cousins ages 3, 2, 1 and your age is none. That is how the ages will go and it is awesome! We love you.

Friday, June 1, 2012

19 weeks and counting

This week marks 19 weeks of incubating a human. Due to my lack of photos for the first 19 weeks, the hubs and I threw a few together one morning before work. I didn't even have my lipstick on.

I noticed the pants in the photos were becoming a bit more snug under the belly, which is clearly growing. It still looks a bit like I ate too much rather than a bump, in my opinion.

Since we aren't finding out what we are having, we are curious to hear your thoughts. No crazy cravings. Check out the common folklore and wives' tales and let us know. Here are some hints: I love eating fruit, sweets & Mexican food and I've had lots of headaches. The heartbeat has always been above 140 beats per minute, I have had no morning sickness, acne, no oiliness and my skin is just as clear as it always was.

Here I am at 19 weeks.