Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pregnancy Updates, weeks 1-18

I discovered this blog today, Running with Tongs, and loved her updates on her pregnancy. So I borrowed the layout and some applicable questions ... and well, consider yourself caught  up now. 

Date we found out: Feb. 18, 2012

Date I suspected I was pregnant: Feb. 8 (sore boobs & fatigue), 11 (awful migraine) & 15 (late & I just knew) were the days where I knew something was off.

First Midwives Appointment: March 7, 2012

First Perinatalologist Appt/Ultrasound: March 14, 2012

Due Date: October 24, 2012

Number of test taken:  6 … over the course of a month

Current Pregnancy Symptoms: None. No sickness, no nausea, just bloating and gas early in the first few weeks. Since then, nothing!

Pregnancy Books Purchased: 1 … I got tons of hand-me-down books!

Pregnancy Related Purchases: Started buying bigger clothes and maternity clothes at 8 weeks … maternity clothes are comfy, but some still look silly on me at 18 weeks.

Strange Experiences: Having a crazy sense of smell and becoming brutally honest. If you don’t want to know, don’t ask me right now! I am sparing no feelings these days.

How far along are you? 18 weeks

Was this pregnancy planned? While it was planned, it was still a shock. We had the “if or when it happens, then great and if it doesn’t, then our lives will still be awesome and we will be an awesome aunt and uncle to our niece and nephews” frame of mind. However, we weren’t preventing getting pregnant, either. As I knew, but it was news to the hubs, is that timing really is everything. For ¾’s of 2011, my cycles were so way off that timing it right was impossible. I had even paid a visit to my OB/GYN in the summer because I was so “late” that I thought maybe I was pregnant. I wasn’t. My body was just returning itself to normal after being on birth control. So with that in mind … we decided to wait through the 2011-2012 holiday season and start up fresh in 2012. We had success on our first properly timed try of 2012, which is what made it shocking. It was the first time that I knew the timing was right, but certainly didn’t expect it to happen that quickly. So you can say we were trying for a year and didn’t have success, based on timing, or you can say that we had success right out the gate when we knew it was the right time. No thermometers were used, ovulation strips were bought, but I trusted my own instinct and stopped using them … I knew it was the right time even though the strips kept saying now. Take them with a gain of salt.
So did you really give up wine for lent?
Psh. Heck no. I would never give up wine for religion, but I would give it up for my child. It has been over three months since my last sip, but that doesn’t mean I don’t try to smell your wine!
Are you going to an OB/GYN or Midwife?
I see a midwife who is looping in a doctor at our next appointment. I also see a perinatal specialist to help with the diabetes card I’ve been dealt. The good thing about the peri is that we’ve had about four ultrasounds so far and will get many more than the average person. The bad part is that by March we had already exhausted our FSA account for the year. I also see my endocrinologist every other month and a diabetes education periodically to see if I need to make any adjustments to my insulin ratios. Being pregnant with diabetes isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be hard either, if you really take care of yourself. There are some days where I was to say, “Eff it!” but I want to do that with or without a human on board.
Do you know the gender?
Nope. Don’t want to know. Don’t want to share, either. I like the idea of being surprised. I am so concerned with so many other things in this pregnancy (see above!) that I don’t want another thing: do we buy pink or blue. Also, if I am blessed enough to have a shower, I don’t want to be showered with baby clothes. And once people know what you are having, the fun with shopping begins, I’d do it. The only thing our kid needs is a Steelers onesie.
Updates: At our first midwife appointment, when they confirmed the pregnancy (via the same way we did: A pregnancy test), we didn’t really react much. And they said, “You know, you could be excited.” Don’t get me wrong, we were and we are. WE are more so now that we are 18 weeks along. In the beginning, there are so many precautions. And let’s face it: I am 34 and diabetic, high risk for health and my age is up there. I didn’t want to miss out on the experience, yet I didn’t want to jump too high for joy either.
Here are some ultrasounds pics:

First ultrasound & due date

Flobee at 7W4D
See my nice smile? Flobee at 11-ish weeks

Yes, this is my leg. I grew it all myself. Flobee at 12-ish weeks

Rough life ... notice the hand on the head. 12-ish weeks

Just hanging out, upside down. 12-ish weeks
Weight Gain: I will not discuss on my blog and I will not weigh myself at home. Weight and body image has been a challenge for me for my ENTIRE life. My sister used to call me “jelly belly” and I will never forget my mom talking about my fluffy midsection while trying on my First Holy Communion dress. I remember the words like it was yesterday … “You look like you are pregnant.” Well, somewhat ironic right now, dontcha think? It is no secret that I am not a naturally skinny b*^&h and I knew that upon getting pregnant my weight was going to be a challenge. Between just being naturally curvy and plump and not working out intensely, I knew we would have weight issues. I’ve been warned by my midwife to slow it down a bit … “just a bit” she said. Yea, I am. I am working out to a collection of DVDs or walking daily. But the difference is, for the first time in four years, I am eating carbs and enjoying it.
Overall: Minus the weight gain and some extra, inexplicable gas, I would not even know I was pregnant. Aside from sore boobs in the beginning, I never had any sickness. Yes, I get tired more easily and want to go to bed earlier, but even in the beginning, there was one day where I wanted to fall asleep at my desk and that was it. My sister and mother had two flawless pregnancies, so I expected the same. They also had quick and easy labor and deliveries. So although I am prepared and ready for a C-section, I am also smart enough to take a birthing class. With my sister’s first, she was three weeks early and the baby was born within 90 minutes of her arrival at the hospital.

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