Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Letters to Flobee ... on Day 4

After finding out that I am incubating a human, I stated to keep a Word doc with notes to my embryo. Here is an excerpt from day #4 ....
Notes to Flobee on day four of its existence ... before it was coined "Flobee" 

People just know that something is different about you. While I often get complimented on my skin, today a co-worker said that I had skin like a China doll today.  Then, I went to a photo shoot fitting and mentioned to someone that if it isn’t on my calendar, then I won’t remember. She said, “WHY? Are you pregnant? Is there something you aren’t telling me?” People just know.

Today, I wasn’t as tired as I was the past two days. I actually felt pretty well. No nausea, I ate pretty well too. I also had my first craving: Papa John’s Pizza. Only because the neighbors ordered some and I saw the delivery vehicle. Oops. Instead I had cheese and crackers for dinner. Yea, I know … nutrition is a struggle for me. This is the person who did half-day juice fasts and cut out eggs and most meats. Now, I have to incorporate that back into my diet. I don’t remember the last time I ate an egg.

Also, I got to make two calls to the doctors’ offices. One to the OB and one to my endocrinologist. “Hi, I need to schedule my annual exam. Oh and I am pretty sure that I am pregnant, so now what?” I actually think that can be a book: “I am pregnant. Now what? You sure as heck can’t send it back.”

Everyday since finding out you exist, your dad has been talking to you. We are going to read you motivational and inspirational books. Although we are pretty sure your ears aren’t developed yet. You have earned the nickname “The poppyseed” because that is about the size you are now. Your next name is going to be Baby Flo or B-Flo to go with T-Flo and J-Flo. Yes, we already have names picked out, but that stays between us. You will find out when you arrive.

Til then Baby Flo … keep growing. Keep fighting. You were born to succeed and you are well on your way. Keep it up. We love you.

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  1. Too cute!! Just wait til after baby gets here! You'll forget your name in the middle of signing your credit screen at the grocery store (my son is now 14 and I still forget what I'm doing)!