Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gets up, dusts self off

So yea, it's been almost two months ... I lost interest in the NaBloPoMo daily blogging. The writing prompts weren't things I wanted to write about and they weren't things I would anyone would care about about. Yes, I am violating The Four Agreements by making assumptions. It's funny how some people love the book "The Four Agreements" and can read it in one or two days (me). And others, well .... it can take one or two months (my husband). I am still proud of him for trying!

It's been a crazy, busy, exhilarating, weird, strange, exciting few weeks to say the least. All is well, nothing is wrong and nothing is new ... just paying attention to life more closely.

My promise to you, dear readers (are any of you still there?) is that blogging resumes. I have the app on my phone, so there is no excuse.

Til we meet again ...

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