Monday, January 9, 2012

What is your earliest memory?

My earliest memory goes back to ... well I am not sure if it was pre- or post-kindergarten. I do remember my first day of kindergarten. The purple plaid shirt, the purple collared shirt with a belt ... probably cute socks folded over some Mary Janes ... a photo of this day does exist, just not in my possession. I remember my dad out with the camera taking all kinds of photos of me and the walk across the street to the school van. Back in the early 80s, I attended half-day kindergarten and went in the morning session. I was the second kid on the van, the first of only two girls. I think that is where I really learned to be a “man’s girl.” If I were any older, we probably would have had inappropriate conversations about adult topics, but at five years old, we only cared about missing Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.

I also remember playing homemade games in the living room with my sister. And watching “Today’s Special” on the PBS station. I do think that was in the kindergarten years though ... When I think back to my early memories, some photos enter my brain and I can’t decipher if it is the photo I am recalling or the actual memory. For some reason, I loved ... LOVED ... buttered noodles. I remember sitting in our kitchen, on the floor (because the table wasn’t cool??), with one of those tray tables eating my buttered noodles. There is also a memory of playing cars with my sister (because we were boys?!) on the homemade ramp that our dad crafted out of wood from our basement.

How about you? What is your earliest memory?

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