Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Today's NaBloPoMo prompt is: "Are you superstitious about beginnings? Anything you do to start out on the right foot?"

Truth is, I am not. Before ending an old year, I don't need to do a certain thing a certain way and I don't need to eat a certain food, or drink a certain drink. At the start of a new year, I don't worry if I am not wearing my lucky shirt or sitting is a lucky seat.

Come to think of it ... the only thing I used to be somewhat superstitious about was wearing my Steelers jersey for games. If I wore it, they typically won. And I wouldn't wash it until the end of the season ... don't worry, wearing it for 2.5 hours a week does not the messy kid make. I wore it last February and they lost the "Big Game" so what does that tell you.

I am not a believer in superstition. I believe in the power of thoughts and words. If I want something to happen, then if I believe it, I am able to see it happen.

What about you?

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  1. LOL! I totally agree. I have never been superstitious and in recent years, I believe that superstition has in fact resulted from groups of people believing a certain thing so strongly that they manifest it. Its simply the power of thought, which I have come to believe in. I choose to believe in the positive, so if it's called superstitious, sure.... whatever works to get my desired result. ;-)