Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Traditions ... what shall they be

On New Years Day, several Facebook and Twitter friends were posting about eating Black-eyed peas for luck. I've never consumed a BEP on NYD ... and maybe in order for things to be different, I need to eat differently?

Growing up, my mom would make pork & sauerkraut on New Years Day. I don't eat pork and sauerkraut makes me want to .... do something really gross. It smells and tastes terrible.

The hubs wanted us to have change in both pockets and jingle it at midnight. That I've heard of before and think that I did something similar once. I put some change into a change purse and jingled it on New Years Day. I can't remember the result.

So this year, we did nothing. No change, no peas, no sauerkraut. We just woke up, drove ourselves home and took another nap. As still somewhat of a newlywed, I do want to instill traditions into our family of two. Maybe the family will grow and it is something we can do with a larger family. But if not, I still want something that the hubs and I can look forward to each year.



  1. ok, what about writing one thing as a couple that you want to let go from the previous year and a goal for the new year. Go to some special spot and let them go. (this would be on something recyclable of course) let the negative energy go with what you are letting go and send out positive energy and light to receive you goal for the new year. I like that idea, I think we will start that too! hmmmm.... ;-)

  2. My only superstition is that I won't pick up a penny if it's not heads up.

    Love your blog title BTW!