Sunday, December 11, 2011

Is it too late to be thankful?

Most bloggers did "30 days of thankfulness" during the month of November. I didn't partake, obviously. I haven't blogged since it was hot as balls in Las Vegas. Know what I am thankful for? That Thanksgiving is over. I don't mean that in a selfish way ... my Thanksgiving was AMAZING. Once again, the hubs & hosted an orphans Thanksgiving ... by orphans I don't mean little curly haired red heads, but friends who may not have otherwise had anywhere to go. We did it last year, but only invited as many people as we can seat. This year, I invited anyone who I knew had nowhere else to go. I had 26 people RSVPing with a "yes." Three people didn't make it and I still had 23 people in the house eating.

I made my first turkey ...

For the turkey, I used Cooks Illustrated's 16-hour brine and tip for crispy skin ... the secret? Let the turkey air dry in the fridge for eight hours. I think it worked. I also heard that using champagne is the secret to a truly tender turkey. I've got a 15-pounder left in my fridge for Christmas. I will let you know if that turns out to be true.

In other Thanksgiving fun news ... we asked (made) everyone stand up and say something they are thankful for. It was really humbling and amazing to hear all of our friends be exited, thankful, grateful and emotional that we took them in for Thanksgiving. It never really occurred to me that so many people really had nowhere else to go. Sure, they could have stayed home with their spouse, but it is much more fun to hang with friends.

In addition to the toasts, we played Rockband. I thought I was Lady Gaga.

Or maybe I channeled my inner Jimi Hendrix.

Thanksgiving was day numero uno of a four-day weekend. I spent the next three days sleeping off my hangover.

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