Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Miracles Come in all Forms ...

Sure it is a few days post-Christmas ... but the warmth of a feel-good story never gets old. First, how was your holiday? This year was a tad different from years past in that I didn't want the hubs and I to exchange gifts. In all reality, the only year we exchanged presents larger than stocking stuffers was our first Christmas together in 2008. My parents were here, we drank good wines, ate good food and had an all-out celebration.

In 2009, we were saving for the wedding and decided to just do stocking stuffers. In 2010, we had just gotten married and took a killer honeymoon to Fiji, which was a gift all in itself.

In 2011 ... well, we are for the most part DINKS. We both work and have no kids, so when either of us needs, er ... wants, anything, we go out and get it.

This year, we adopted an "Angel" from the Salvation Army, which was something new and also a bit of remembrance. This year, I lost a friend who worked for the Salvation Army. He lost his battle with cancer, but I am sure that he came back in the form of one of the Christmas miracles coming up.

I also noticed that my office Secret Santa game was almost picked by design. I don't want to give away too much in the event my officemates read this ... but let's just say that I unknowing took part in a Christmas miracle that didn't reveal itself until we revealed ourselves to others. Your secrets were safe with me.

The last form of a miracle came  the day after Christmas ... I don't want to focus too much energy on it, but the hubs and I witnessed a car accident where the driver, passenger and little baby in the backseat all walked away unscratched. A driver high on something that wasn't life flew through a red light and clipped the front end of their car. It was one of those split-second moments you only read about: If you were one split-second slower or faster, it would have been disastrous. We also lucky to have been behind this car and not stopped at the light next to it.

So while the season wasn’t filled with gift bags and wrapping paper, it was one of the best holidays ever for me. It was full of love, good friends, good food and lots of fun. After all, isn’t that part of the meaning of the season?

I wish you a warm and healthy remainder of 2011 and a happy New Year ... stay safe out there.

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