Monday, August 22, 2011


So much for a 30-day challenge, huh? I've gotten off of the blogging wagon, but writing isn't fun when it's forced. So therefore, I am taking myself off of a challenge and just writing because it is fun and isn't forced.

It's Monday and I am coming off of an amazing weekend ... movie date nite with the hubs on Friday. Self-imposed house arrest on Saturday and a busy day on Sunday.

On Friday we saw "The Help" it was one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. I didn't fall asleep and for me, that is the barometer to a good movie. I fall asleep during every movie, but "The Help" was a winner. Go see it.

Saturday was the first day that I had NOTHING on my calendar in a month. I was thrilled. It was self imposed; however. I had to do a 24-hour routine kidney test. It is something my endocrinologist does periodically to see if the big "D" (diabetes) is starting to make enemies with my insides. I literally have to collect every drop of pee for a 24-hour period.
 That is my jug and within 12 hours, my jug ranneth over. I had to find another jug. On a Saturday. at 6 pm. No one was open. Long story short ... I went to the hospital, explained myself and got another one.

 SUCCESS! And enough about pee.

Sunday was a special day ... the hubs had the day off. In an average year, we probably get three weekends off together. It stinks because we rarely get out of town together or the weekend and I usually get into personal debauchery on weekends. Debauchery like over eating and drinking too much while watching trashy TV. Come on ... just because they aren't together doesn't mean that I can't still watch "Nick & Jessica: Newlyweds" I loved that show. Sigh.

Anyway, the day started out with a fail: The hubs & I pinky promised to wake up and exercise. I woke up. I did not exercise. Instead we went out into the desert and practiced self defense. Enough about that. Did some shopping, talked on the phone to a friend ... all before noon. We hit up the store, cooked dinner for that nite and the next, watched TV, talked about our bucket lists and went to sleep at a decent hour. It was glorious. I wish all weekends were like that.

So onto this week and another week of accomplishments. One boot camp class down ... three more to go. One day of work done four more to go. One blog done a few more to come.

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  1. Hi bloggy friend....Haven't been here in a while....Life has been busy and I started blogging myself....Good to see that you are updating yours everynow and then...My offer for a nite of The Newlyweds still :)