Monday, August 8, 2011

How Many Calories in a Costco?

Not a Costco hot dog or a Costco food sample, or one of their beyond delish birthday cakes ... I am talking how many calories in a Costco store.

You see, while shopping on Sunday morning--we got off easy with $54 that time--all I could think about what the amount of food inside of that warehouse. It started with, what would happen if I ate one entire (blank). Because it is bulk and well, I am not saying that I haven't thought about eating one of their ENTIRE bday cakes before. Yes, they are THAT good. And then I subsequently think about how much insulin I would have to take and at what point would the cake become gross. Too much time on my hands? Possibly.

I didn't buy one of the said cakes this time. I bought tomatoes on the vine and mini cucumbers. If I ate all of them that would be great, not detrimental. But as we walked through aisle after aisle, I thought about different countries who don't have a bulk food warehouse. Don't get me wrong, I flippin love Costco. I love the cool finds that are there, like this:
It is a dinosaur pillow/sleeping bag combo that my niece grabbed and I couldn't say no. Turns out, she loves it and so does my sister. For $17.99, Aunt Foofie scored major points.

But Costco can also be the devil. I mean, who needs a 14-lb. jar of peanut butter to go with a 7-lb. bag of m&m's. Ummmm .... not that I know about mixing those two together with a spoon and eating the whole bag with the whole jar.

Thanks to Costco, my husband and I only buy toilet paper two-three times a year. I think. I think that he has only complained twice in the last year about being seen, alone, with a lifetime supply of butt wipe. We buy garbage bags about every 16 months and Ziploc bags once every two years. Who can complain about that.

Yes, I thought about how many calories are in an entire Costco ... but no, I don't want to consume them. All. Except for the red velvet cakes, I can enjoy an entire one of those.
Cake by Gimme Some Sugar, Photo by Imagine Studios

P.S. this is NOT a Costco cake.

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