Monday, August 22, 2011


So much for a 30-day challenge, huh? I've gotten off of the blogging wagon, but writing isn't fun when it's forced. So therefore, I am taking myself off of a challenge and just writing because it is fun and isn't forced.

It's Monday and I am coming off of an amazing weekend ... movie date nite with the hubs on Friday. Self-imposed house arrest on Saturday and a busy day on Sunday.

On Friday we saw "The Help" it was one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. I didn't fall asleep and for me, that is the barometer to a good movie. I fall asleep during every movie, but "The Help" was a winner. Go see it.

Saturday was the first day that I had NOTHING on my calendar in a month. I was thrilled. It was self imposed; however. I had to do a 24-hour routine kidney test. It is something my endocrinologist does periodically to see if the big "D" (diabetes) is starting to make enemies with my insides. I literally have to collect every drop of pee for a 24-hour period.
 That is my jug and within 12 hours, my jug ranneth over. I had to find another jug. On a Saturday. at 6 pm. No one was open. Long story short ... I went to the hospital, explained myself and got another one.

 SUCCESS! And enough about pee.

Sunday was a special day ... the hubs had the day off. In an average year, we probably get three weekends off together. It stinks because we rarely get out of town together or the weekend and I usually get into personal debauchery on weekends. Debauchery like over eating and drinking too much while watching trashy TV. Come on ... just because they aren't together doesn't mean that I can't still watch "Nick & Jessica: Newlyweds" I loved that show. Sigh.

Anyway, the day started out with a fail: The hubs & I pinky promised to wake up and exercise. I woke up. I did not exercise. Instead we went out into the desert and practiced self defense. Enough about that. Did some shopping, talked on the phone to a friend ... all before noon. We hit up the store, cooked dinner for that nite and the next, watched TV, talked about our bucket lists and went to sleep at a decent hour. It was glorious. I wish all weekends were like that.

So onto this week and another week of accomplishments. One boot camp class down ... three more to go. One day of work done four more to go. One blog done a few more to come.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Worst Jobs Sometimes Create the Best Things

Most of us have probably been there at one time or another: the dreaded worst job in the world. Some may have been there numerous times. For me, it was just a few times ... like serving pizza on Friday nites, cleaning dressing rooms and soliciting credit card apps in retail .... the list goes on.

A few years back, I held a job that I thought was going to be my dream job. It wasn't. It sucked. I was making less money than I almost ever had while working more hours than I ever had. I was on call 24/7 and had a work cell phone. Need I say more?

The best thing to come out of that job in 2006 was the group of girls I met and am proud to keep in touch with today. Back then, some of us were barely out of college. I was not one of those "us," I was in my late 20s. Some of us were in relationships, some of us were single and loving life, some of us were just finding the loves of our life. Since then, we've all moved jobs. Some of us went back to that job, but the one fact remained: we remain friends.

This is me and Susan after a flight to the Grand Canyon ... NEVER again for me, I was so sick. Bleck.
To Sherm, Dallia, Deb, Erin, Katie and those who couldn't be there ... thanks for being the best thing to come out of an awful job.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sometimes You Just Need To ...

There are a million things that can answer that statement. But the one that warmed my heart today was: Sometimes you just need to reach out for support. And that I did. And for that, I am grateful.

As the blog clock unwinds, I will write more about a recent coaching experience that I went through, an experience that has changed my life.

Today was one of one those days when I reached out for support and received it with overflowing joy. If you Google "support" here are some of the things that pop up. If I use your image without permission, let me know. I am happy to remove or credit it.

Thank you to know who know how to give support as much as they know how to accept it. 

Sometimes Husbands Don't Do the Smart Thing

But that was not my husband last nite.

For some reason (life, diabetes, life, my mind, diabetes, cake, heat, shopping ...), I fell into a bit of a personal funk on Sunday. I went shopping to buy clothes that fit, but when I found clothes that fit, I did not want to buy them.

So I went into one of those moods ... you know, it goes like this:
Husband: What's wrong?
Wife: Nothing.
Husband: Are you sure?
Wife: Yes. (meanwhile tears are streaming down the face behind the sunglasses)

When I finally let loose, the hubs said everything right. And I fell in love again.

Yesterday, when I got home from work, he left me this on the bathroom sink:
Inside, he wrote a sweet note that made me tear up. And I hobbled back downstairs (having just returned from boot camp with sore knees) and cried some more. Sometimes they don't always say or do the right thing. But tonite, my hubs did. And it reminded me why I fell in love in the first place and that he is more than just a handsome face.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Forgive Me Bethenny, For I Have Sinned

This weekend, I purchased my first ever bottle of Skinnygirl Margarita. I've sampled it before, but never purchased. And how it is with almost anything I do, I can't just let it be ... I had to doctor it up. Bethenny, I do hope you will forgive me.

I added Torani sugar-free blueberry syrup, a few fresh and frozen blueberries and a spoonful of splenda. It didn't taste overly blueberry, but it did add a bit of sass to the drink.

Even Pickles wanted in on the action.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

If I Was a Soccer Mom

Yesterday at boot camp (Yes, I missed a post yesterday and will make up for it today, promise.), we shared the soccer field with a youth soccer league. When I first pulled up, I was elated that they were using the field and I wouldn't have to run laps around the whole entire field. But that didn't stop our instructor for making us run what was available.

It was cute to watch the little kiddies play and run. But what I paid the most attention to were the parents on the sidelines. All dressed and out the door for an 8 am soccer match for little junior. Coolers, newspapers and coffee in hand. Then, it hit me that if I were a soccer mom that I would have a decoy flask of a mimosa in it.

Can't help but wonder if any of them did have one?

Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Funnies

This is what being married is like:

It's the ComicBook iPad app. and its been giving the hubs and I hours of fun. This one we created from some photos that we took with our dog last year when he went to doggie swim. A local pool allows dogs to swim and play on their last day of the operating season. Our golden, Bruner, saved Blackbeard from the slide. Or at least that is what the comic wants you to think!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mystery Date

No, I don't mean that I am going on a date with a mystery person. It is a tradition that the hubs and I have. It started two months into our dating. He made dinner plans and didn't tell me where we were going. While at dinner, I suggested that we make it a regular thing and alternate months until the end of time. Did I mention that we started this TWO MONTHS into our dating? Why he didn't excuse himself and go to the bathroom and leave me at the restaurant with the check, I will never know. Good man, he is.

The premise of "Mystery Date" is that one month one of us chooses a date and surprises the other one. Before living together and before getting married, the one planning the date also drove and paid. We still do the drive part, but the money all comes from one place now. Well, I drive to most of my dates. Last nite he drove in the general direction until it was time for me to take over. I don't like to drive. Period.

Anyway, I got us tickets to see "Fiddler on the Roof" at Super Summer Theater at Spring Mountain Ranch Park.

It was soooo much fun. The hubs called it his most favorite mystery date to date. Once we got there, and I felt so sleuth sneaking in a bottle of Smart Water, I noticed that coolers, wine, sodas, beer, etc. are all welcomed. What the heck! I was happy for planning such a great date but so annoyed at how much better it could have been.

I threw a blanket into the car before leaving for the show, but didn't think that alcohol or snack would be allowed. Hmph.

So the moral of the story is: GO and check out one of these plays. We can't wait until next month. The weather was amazing after the sun went down. Take wine, a blanket and someone who you would like to make out with. Enjoy.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Work Your Body-Body

Before getting married, I swore that I wouldn't be one of those women who let themselves go after getting married. It wouldn't be good for my health, first and foremost, and secondly, it was just something I said I wouldn't do. I was determined, up until we said I do, to stay thin. See ... here I am on my wedding day, svelt.

Not really going to put myself through showing off a photo of my today ... but there has been a few extra pounds that have found their way onto my frame. So that is why I am putting myself through boot camp.

At first, I wasn't too keen on the idea. A friend of mine suggested that we buy the Groupon since it was her friend who owned the gym and ran the camp. On the first day, I wanted to die, but I kept going. At least three times a week since then. While I've managed to only drop three pounds, it feels soooo good. And as much as I moan and groan about it and remind my friend that it was "all her idea," it's been great!

This morning, I woke up at 5:20 ... it was more like 4:20 (my body is used to waking up this early), I checked my blood sugar (it was 103), ate 1/4 of a protein bar, swallowed four sugar tablets and went out the door to boot-y camp. And they took photos. Check me out ... I only look like I am working hard. Just kidding. I am busting my booty. And if you are wondering where I am going, click here to check out the gym offering this class.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Good morning, sunshine.

While this photo wasn't taken today, it is still the sunrise view I have while jogging in the morning. Aren't I blessed to see this every day?

Monday, August 8, 2011

How Many Calories in a Costco?

Not a Costco hot dog or a Costco food sample, or one of their beyond delish birthday cakes ... I am talking how many calories in a Costco store.

You see, while shopping on Sunday morning--we got off easy with $54 that time--all I could think about what the amount of food inside of that warehouse. It started with, what would happen if I ate one entire (blank). Because it is bulk and well, I am not saying that I haven't thought about eating one of their ENTIRE bday cakes before. Yes, they are THAT good. And then I subsequently think about how much insulin I would have to take and at what point would the cake become gross. Too much time on my hands? Possibly.

I didn't buy one of the said cakes this time. I bought tomatoes on the vine and mini cucumbers. If I ate all of them that would be great, not detrimental. But as we walked through aisle after aisle, I thought about different countries who don't have a bulk food warehouse. Don't get me wrong, I flippin love Costco. I love the cool finds that are there, like this:
It is a dinosaur pillow/sleeping bag combo that my niece grabbed and I couldn't say no. Turns out, she loves it and so does my sister. For $17.99, Aunt Foofie scored major points.

But Costco can also be the devil. I mean, who needs a 14-lb. jar of peanut butter to go with a 7-lb. bag of m&m's. Ummmm .... not that I know about mixing those two together with a spoon and eating the whole bag with the whole jar.

Thanks to Costco, my husband and I only buy toilet paper two-three times a year. I think. I think that he has only complained twice in the last year about being seen, alone, with a lifetime supply of butt wipe. We buy garbage bags about every 16 months and Ziploc bags once every two years. Who can complain about that.

Yes, I thought about how many calories are in an entire Costco ... but no, I don't want to consume them. All. Except for the red velvet cakes, I can enjoy an entire one of those.
Cake by Gimme Some Sugar, Photo by Imagine Studios

P.S. this is NOT a Costco cake.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dog's Best Friend

A dog may be a man's best friend ... although, I personally think there are many other things that a man would prefer to be his BFF rather than a smelly dog, but that is beside the point of this blog. Dogs are also other dogs BFFs. I know this to be true after watching how our our dog interacts with my parents' dog, with the dogs of friends, etc.

I just learned that my beagle's BFF was recently put to sleep after a lengthy, mysterious illness. Woofie met Milo three-and-a-half years ago when he went to live in greener pastures with his grandparents. At the time, I wasn't able to give Woofie a good life in my small apartment, so his grandparents offered to watch him for a few months.

After a few months, when the conversation came up for Woofie to come back and live with his momma, we couldn't separate him from his BFF, Milo. Woofie knows when Milo is walking up the sidewalk to go for their afternoon walk. Woofie and Milo exchange Christmas presents, run around the yard together (albeit on leashes, but whatever ...) and tell each other secrets that us humans can't understand.

A few months back, Milo started to lose weight, was put on some meds and appeared to get better. Unfortunately, he didn't get better and ended up back in the dogspital. Last weekend, Milo's parents got the call to come and say good-bye to him, as his body was filling up with fluids and they didn't think that he was going to pull through.

That nite, Woofie crawled into bed with his grandpop and slept in bed with him, something that Woofie hadn't done in years. Even the next day, Woofie was more cuddly and affectionate than normal, sensing that something wasn't right.

I am not sure what Woofie will think now when he looks out the window in the late afternoon looking for Milo, just like he has for the past 3 1/2 years. I am not sure what Woofie will think or do when he walks past Milo's house and his friend doesn't come out to play.

What I do know are the lessons that can be learned from watching dogs play with their friends ... be loyal; share; put them in their place when they are out of line; if one of you passes gas, run away; and just enjoy life.

To Milo, you are missed by us all.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The proof is in the sugar

Everyday is a numbers guessing game. I guess how many chips I am going to eat. I guess how many carbs are in that restaurant dish. I guess how many units of insulin I need for a cup of coffee or tea. Frankly, it sucks. Numbers aren't my strong point. Matter of fact, as I am typing this, my body is recovering from one of the top five blood sugar lows that I've had. But it was a great excuse to down a spoonful of Flo's frozen hot chocolate mix from Serendipity. Something I never get to eat on a normal day. And now, I know why. Bleck.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to get back to survival mode. And then go brush my teeth.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Dusting the blog off ....

A few weeks ago, Google sent me a notice that they were going to renew my domain name. Yes, this domain name. The one I apparently paid for and the one that is apparently collecting dust. So now it has become my own personal challenge to blog once a day for the next 30 days. And I am being held accountable for it too.

The purpose of this blog was to chronicle my life as a wife. Well, the first year of marriage is over and while I am still happily married, I have no documentation of that first year, thanks to my lack of writing.

So, off we go again .... ready for the ride? Fasten your seat belts readers here we go. Wait ... do I even have any readers?